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  1. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2018!!!!!

    Go FI
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    Go Fi
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    Let's go DM
  4. KSI Gambit 7 mentor award

    When I joined DM after being in FI for so long gambit welcomed me with open arms. he helped me rank back up and showed me his secrets on how he handles situations and how to be even more successful in KSI. Gambit more than deserves this award. I claim him as a mentor.
  5. Hey trumps plan failed to get the votes from both parties so now nobody has to lose their insurance. Yay
  6. KSI Bearded 7 Outstanding service lv1

    I'm afraid it's a no from me
  7. Everything I stated was a fact and it's on video he's said and done it so there are facts out there to prove everything I just said I just haven't given any reference points but if you truly wanted to see for yourself type it in google the proofs on the internet which trump forgot to learn once it's their it's always their. I understand your opinion by only taking my words for face value but it's all true. Either way you either like the man or don't like the man I agree with you there but a gigantic majority don't so I recommend if you don't know what I was talking about( I'm not sure if your big on staying in touch with the news and current events) I highly recommend you go see why most of this country and our allies see him as a clown .
  8. I'm pretty moderate but kinda upset trumps in office and so far he's put rich business men in his Cabnit who gave no right to be there and have no qualifications. So far I'm annoyed at his childish actions and he's not fit to lead. I believe any man who starts a twitter war because a clothing line drops his wife's horrendous outfits( that were god awful and unprofitable which trumps says is a lie buts true) shouldn't have the right to be near nuclear launch codes and lead our nation. I personally vote based on merit of the runner so I didn't vote for trump Sense he has none. All the proof that trump is terrible for America is watching Saturday night live. Which usually I wouldn't recommend but they are making skits of everything trumps doing wrong he's feeding them ammunition to use against him and all of it is true most of it sounds ridiculous but he's actually done everything they put into a skit( except for the future predicted ideals) but he's an idiot and they are profiting off of it our country is a laughing stock because we have a clown as our president. I can only pray there is a country after his 4 years.
  9. Ksi DaddyKay self nomination ice breaker

  10. KSI xArbiter Member Assistance Nomination

    I'm dropping my vote to witness I've seen this member help multiple members in his squad when I was FI founder. He was always there to answer questions and help out with name changes.
  11. Wasted Life - Self Nomination

    Wasted life yes
  12. KSI Bushy 7 - Self Nomination (Committed)

    Committed yes
  13. KSI xTheQueen Helping Hand Nomination

    Helping hand yes
  14. KSI Koolaidman2 Gamerscore Hoarder

    Gs hoarder yes