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  1. Access Denied and unauthorized moderations generals should be running their own Access Denied 7’s should not update the squad for the gen unless they are the acting general for said squad. If they can’t keep up and handle their duties they don’t need to be in that rank. The chat box is used for status update only. if you use it to chat in other than status update your account will be removed. Squad tags every gen or acting gens must go through their tag once a month and do a security check on all members on it. Its for the security of your div and must be done. Generals need to be on their tags regularly and tags shouldn’t hit 7 days. KSI Policy we are an invite only community if someone hits you up to be recruited and you didn’t send them a recruiting message; for the security of your did send them to the join area on the forums. As a leader in this community you should have a presence. Go out socialize with your squad(s), division(s); go to game night’s. we don’t want to get to the point to were no one knows you. Please make sure all accounts are set up properly. Take the time to make sure it is done correctly. Promotions KSI Gambit 7 is a new director KSI Veriitas 7 in the new Senior Director Happy hour will be held on Smite and will be an arena/assault hosted by KSI Scars 77 and starts at 9pm est Weekend Warefare December 2nd - COD WWI, it’s going to be the finalist from the turkey bowl and a smite joust at 6pm est Dec 9th rainbow Siege 3v3 at 8pm est News So you think you can write winners 1st KSI Scars 77 2nd KSI the Blaze 3rd KSI Badkitty 7 Still need rep’s from the following division’s CD,LS,FI Theme for December give the news team your best short story AAP don’t forget to participate in the OTY Nominations don’t put it off. Go out and nominate those that have been putting in the work. Productions studio montage tournament for December stars on the 4th any one can participate. Go look under the productions area on the forums Additional notes divisional leadership squads some divisions are doing great with having a 7’s staff and there are some that are struggling if you notice that get with them and encourage them to get someone moved you
  2. Division Notes 10/11/2017

    AAP - Keep an eye out for the Of The Year awards post, should be up from Nov. 6th to Dec. 18th - Push participation, this is super important! The more people who participate, the better. News - So You Think You Can Write: Trick or Treat! Tell us about something that happened in KSI that was either a trick or a treat or both. Some people have started sharing their trolls for promotions - there is a chance to win a KSI forums award if you win this competition - Looking for one representative from each division. We need one from: CD, DR, ES, FI, LS, & LW - Please congratulate KSIDemonicWidow on her promotion to Co-head of News! Weekend Warfare - (10/14) Halo 4 SWAT FFA @ 8 pm EST - (10/21) Smite Cash Tournament Productions - (10/13) Happy Hour is Halo 3 @ 9 pm EST - (10/27) KSI Town Hall Oct. 27, post questions on thread in Community Events section of the forums Graphics - Please tell people that we do have a graphics team that is itching for something to do! They can and will create signatures for you - Signature of the Week is open for submissions from the community as well as voting on winners from the community. Hirings - News/History (permanently open) - Graphics (permanently open) - Productions (permanently open) - T&E (permanently open, application may sit on file until you are needed) - Marketing (until Oct. 30th) - Court Judge (until Oct. 28th) Marketing - Is now open and hiring - Designed to market the KSI departments and extra curricular activities to KSI Twitch subscribers - Get KSI forums award - If subscribing through Amazon Prime, you have to re-subscribe each month. - We are looking to get 25 subscribers & currently have 19 - The more subscribers we have, the more prizes we will have to offer for events - For every $5 that is donated, your name is entered into a lottery at the end of annual events for a chance at a prize
  3. KSI Mpliers 7 is a outstanding senior leader here in KSI and has always gone above and beyond the call of duty in this community. He puts his all into everything he does with clan ops and web ops; no mater what time it is he is there for the members of this community and has mentored many myself included. He ha done incredible things with T&E and always makes sure members have a great experience not with just the tourneys but KSI wide. I don't think there isn't anything this leader cannot do and that is because he has done so much for KSI and still finds ways to help and make this community fun and better. Mpliers has earned this award because of his strong dedication to this community and everything he's has done and everything he's still doing and going to do in the future.
  4. "Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them." 

  5. KSI WyldWynd Committed Award

    Name: KSI WyldWynd Award: Committed Link: member has been in KSI and has had a KSI Gamertag since March 2016
  6. KSI WyldWynd Committed Award

    Name: KSI WyldWynd Award: Committed Link: member has been in KSI and has had a KSI Gamertag since March 2016
  7. KSI TexAngel 7 Committed Award

    Name: KSI TexAngel 7 Award: Committed Link: member has been in KSI and has had a KSI Gamertag since October 2015
  8. Creeping on my profile again? Lol jk get better.

  9. Twitch Subscriber Notification

    Gamertag : KSI Metatron 7 Profile Link:
  10. the proper application for rejoin was posted in your topic please fill it out once it is completed we can move forward 


  11. Spirit Week Shout out/200th poster Wins a Prize

    Shout out to all the leaders in ES for all they do with helping me grow and run this div
  12. Sign Ups Halo 5 4v4 CTF Saturday June 24th

    Division - ETERNAL SOULS Team Captain Gamertag - KSI Skychild Team Members Gamertags - KSI GOTEM 7, KSI AMBROSE, KSI JadedPython Alternate 1 - KSI Metatron 7 Alternate 2 - KSI Eyonia
  13. Sign ups Rocket League 2v2 Friday June 23rd

    Division - ETERNAL SOULS Team Captain Gamertag - KSI SMARTMOUTH Team Members Gamertags - KSI DJENTLUK3 Alternate 1 - KSI x Mute Alternate 2 -KSI Metatron 7
  14. Sign Ups 7's Poker Night Wednesday June 21st

    Division - ETERNAL SOULS 7's Gamertag - KSI Metatron 7 Alternate 1 - KSI GOT EM 7