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  1. First word in your Head (Do not remove)

    first word to come into my head would be leaving (currently in school bored xD)
  2. Why did you join KSI?

    i joined KSI bcuz my sister was in it and i saw how well ignite played with others and i wanted to join when i was still 15 or 14 not sure but then i got recruited by my favorite buddy KSI AceStKr 25 or something like that and then all i know is ignite slit up and then the new squad was Octane and then now today Ignite and Octane is shut down bcuz there was only like 4 people left including me and now i got transfered to Enforcer
  3. Where do you live?

    i live where it is o on the endand hi in the middleand iff yall dont get that then smh it is OhiO
  4. How old are you?

  5. Alternative meanings to KSI.....Hilarious!

    killing some idiots kicking stupid immigrants keep searching intentionally only ones that came to my mind if i figure out more ill post some more kik snapchat Instagram lol
  6. Favorite 7 ?

    my favorite 7 would be KSI Silence 7 because he has been helping me through things every since i got merged into enforcer and now i have learned everything they now do and ow it goes so thanks silence @ KSI silence 7
  7. How old are you?

    i am one of those young fellas as well but i am 16