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  1. Spring Break Forums Challenge

    We got this lets go DL
  2. KSI xMr Gumpx 7 DL Hall of Fame

    I didnt get to really know gump as well as I should have but in the short time I did know him he was an amazing leader and always was there if you needed help with something I hope his teachings within ksi will continue on and influence more people to be like him
  3. KSI DropShot 7 OS Level 1

    Witness for dropshot He has mentored me and helped me out when needed if I have a problem I need fixing he is right there to get it done he is a great leader and I could definetly see him as a director one day
  4. Tournaments and Events Suggestion Box

    I would actually like to see another Minecraft build off again I wasnt able to participate in the past due to personal reasons but wont go into that
  5. New Member Certified Self Nomination Topic

    KSIxD3adSh0t New member certified Completed new member certification 10-14-18 KSI Cherry7
  6. Fall Classic 2018 Forums Challenge

    Lets go DL for the win we got this
  7. KSIfiremomma7 Outstanding Service LVL 1

    Witness for firemomma I was in ksi in the past and enjoyed everything that she had taught me as well as recently convincing me to return to ksi not that long ago she is kind and friendly not only to me but to others as well and that's very important in leadership if there is a problem that needs to be handle I can always count on her to get it solved right away best of luck momma
  8. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2018!!!!!

    Lets go DL we got this
  9. Spirit Week Shout out/200th poster Wins a Prize

    Shout out to dl keep up the good work guys and shout out to KSI legacy thanks for always pushing me to be better