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  1. Of The Years 2018! - Nominations (Closing 12/16)

    Category: Member Gamertag: KSI BlazeCoMay Link to forums account: @BlazeCoMay Reason they deserve this award: KSI BlazeCoMay has been in KSI just as long as I have if not a little longer. When I first joined KSI she was one of the first people I met and when I met her she greeted me with excitement and was inclusive. Even after being in KSI for a while she continued to greet me with that excitement and continued to be inclusive when it came to parties and playing games. She is this way to all people in the squad especially the new recruits. Greeting them with that excitement and making sure that she hangs out with them. BlazeCoMy does not only greet people with excitement but she also is very active. She makes a good effort to show up to all gamenights no matter what the game is. She also invites people in the squad to parties or joins them on a regular basis just to see if they want to play something or hangout. Category: General Gamertag: KSI MeShell 7 Link to forums account: @KSI MeShell 7 Reason why they deserve this award: KSI MeShell 7 has only been my squads General for a few months but in those few months, she has gone above and beyond to get our squad back on track. MeShell makes sure that the officers have eveything they need in order to help run squad activities and keep people engaged with the squad. She will even go out on recruiting nights with her officers to help us try and bring new recruits into our squad. Not only does she do everything she can to make sure officers have everything and to keep the squad running, but she also finds time to interact with the squad and she does this a lot. She attends almost every gamenight and she will invite people to parties or join parties throughout the day just to see how people are doing and if she does not see them on Xbox she will send a message in the squad chat on discord. She is a very dedicated General when it comes to KSI. Category: Lieutenant Gamertag: KSI Kratos18 Link to forums account: @KSI Kratos18 Reason why they deserve this award: KSI Kratos18 was the very first person I met from KSI and he welcomed me to this community. Kratos I quickly learned was a person who cared about this community and the people in it and it showed. He always invites members no matter if they from a different squad or not to a party just to see how they are doing. If he noticed someone was having a bad day he would always ask if they were alright and if they wanted to talk about. He was a very easy person to come to when you wanted to talk. Kratos also always attended peoples gamenights and urged others to join in as well, he still does this. When it came to his officer duties Kratos was very passionate about what he did and he loved doing it. One thing that stands out to me the most is that Kratos is not a quitter. Even after multiple setbacks, he continued to be an officer in KSI which I personally think shows his perseverance. Kratos is both an officer and person that I personally look up to and I know others do as well.