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  1. So You Think You Can Write - January 2019

    Okay this story takes me back to around my middle school years when most of my friends were redneck which isnt a bad thing but it definitely doesn't leave a day without something interesting happening just like this day. This day there are 5 people in this story Seth, who was like the leader of our group, Tanner, Kyle, Frank, and me. So Seth comes to my house so we can go pick up Frank. I agreed to join and hopped in the back of the gator, mini truck looking thing, with Kyle while Tanner ride in the front and Seth drove. It felt like any normal day getting the wind in my face and feeling great. As we entered Frank's property we saw that his Parents weren't home and Seth asked if he could do donuts in the dirt area next to his house. Frank obliged and hopped in the bed of the gator. He sat differently than usual. His back on the right side and his feet on the left sitting across the back of the Gator. I just thought he wanted to try a new way of sitting but little did I know that after we took like the 6th left turn that the gator would flip. Frank, somehow knowing it would flip, uses the way he sat to just walk away as the gator turned on its side. Kyle and I jumped for our lives and Seth and Tanner were sitting sideways trying not to fall. Frank was unscaved I came out with a couple of scraps and the others were just screaming "Yeah one more time" so it might of not been the best day but it definitely wasn't uneventful
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