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  1. Merry Christmas 2013

    Merry Christmas, and happy holidays, folks.
  2. Players will now be able to use carbines and rifles, and can choose either defensive or offensive roles. You can also mix up the variety of weapons between classes, rather than particular weapons being restrained to classes. So the Engineer, for instance, can equip the M39 rifle for long distance firing, with marksman rifles previously restricted to Recons, or go on the offensive with the carbine, which was previously only for Engineers. Other examples include the C4 being shifted to Recon, while Support can now use the XM25 and M32 MGL heavy grenade launchers. The classes use only certain guns for that character as was experienced in Battlefield 3. You’ll have enough freedom to customize your class, and along with different guns, all classes will be able to use different types of grenades. However, some dedicated weapons, like sniper rifles for Recon and machine guns for Support, will still remain restricted (presumably for balancing purposes). Players will also be able to use “Battle Pickup†weapons – powerful guns scattered throughout the map that can’t be equipped at the spawn screen, which must be picked up by players. These include weapons like the .50 caliber M82 sniper rifle. In this case the player has the power to customize many things from his equipment to his camo, from head to toe which provides an optimal experience for the gamer. The different modes and classes in Battlefield provide different experiences for the gamer and use different weapons and equipment. The developers of Battlefield 4, DICE, shared new details about the game’s multiplayer component over at Fans of the series will be glad to know that the four playable kits from Battlefield 3 will return in Battlefield 4: Engineer, Recon, Support, and Assault. In the sequel, however, players will be able to “more strongly specialize†their role, as the game will cater to “different play styles.†In the blog post, lead multiplayer designer Thomas Andersson said: “Looking at Battlefield 3, I think only a fraction of our players have tried all available gadgets or vehicles in multiplayer. Of course you don’t have to use everything in the game, but I think we can do a better job in BF4 of letting players make more educated choices in their kit load outs and combat roles. In BF4, we’re clearly displaying what gadgets can do for you, how different weapons compare, and how they affect your options on the battlefield.†In addition to improvements on the player kits, Andersson also revealed a new concept called Field Upgrades. He said, “if you’re a long-term fan that played Battlefield 2142, you will already have an idea what these are, but we have tweaked them for Battlefield 4.†Field upgrades are chained boosts that rewards team play performance by granting players faster sprint speed, stronger personal armor, or expanded ammo capacity. “The idea behind Field Upgrades is to give individual rewards for squad based team play performance. You earn them through squad scoring such as squad healing, completing objectives with your squad members, squad resupplies, squad repairs, and other squad actions,†said Andersson. He also provides a perspective on the holistic approach of the designer team in tackling the multiplayer mode in Battlefield 4. Gamers now know that from the quote provided by one of the designers that DICE will be giving us better quality and more interaction in the game. From all the Battlefield games we are seeing a trend of more improvements and additions that have been making the game interesting and attractive to gamers. This game is something I would buy and keep buying because of how the companies are always adding more and more things to keep the game exciting. Do you think that Battlefield 4 will exceed your expectations and overall quality? Writer: KSI ClutchKing Click here to view the article
  3. KSI Jezrien 7 Multiple Awards (3/4 Awarded)

    Though I am not a Senior Director, I would like to offer my thoughts, having been around in KSI for quite some time, with as much combined experience as some of the seniors. Jezrien is good. He learns quickly, is eager and able to assist other members, and has done an admirable job in any position he's in. I've seen several amazing members rise up from the people I have mentored; some of them have inspired their fellows, one person impacted KSI in such a way that a few remember him now, and the mess he caused. Jezrien, however, has taken what he knows, and has gone further with it. He's a fantastic leader, and, perhaps most importantly, he knows what it is like to be at the bottom of the totem pole. Many people, the higher they rise, the more they forget what it's like to be at the bottom, and their leadership suffers because of it. I've seen him rise, fall, and rise back up again, stronger each time, making his division stronger in the process. He's gained friends, mentored and recruited plenty of members, and has done more for his division than anyone that I've seen in quite some time. That said, it doesn't stop there. Jezrien has recently joined the News Team, and has shown an excellent ability to not only write well, but to edit. At the moment, he has multiple articles he's editing with a high degree of quality, in addition to clan ops duties. He has done much for KSI, and though everyone may not have a chance to see him perform, it is of my opinion that we are a better community because Jezrien is here, and through the effort he has put in to this community, I see no reason he should be denied Outstanding Service level 3.
  4. Suggestions for possible New Awards

    I would like to propose a change but also a new award or two. First, the change. At the moment, under awards we have News Member of the Month / Year. These refer to writers, the name should be changed to News Writer of the Month / Year. A lot of time and effort goes into making the News Team run. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes, and if it weren't for the efforts of the News Team's leaders and Editors, the quality of what you see wouldn't nearly be as high as it is currently. So, with a change to writer's of the month / year, I would like to propose an actual News Member of the Month and News Member of the Year. As we also lack awards for productions, and the other web ops sections, I suggest having Productions, T&E, Marketing, etc. Members of the Month / Year. We have plenty of excellent members that provide content for our community, and so I think we should have a way to recognize the effort they put in, and thank them for the fantastic work they do.
  5. KSI Forum 2nd Anniversary PARTY!

    I don't always make public, non news related posts, but when I do, it's probably for something interesting. 2 years is good chowder.
  6. What songs are you listening to?

    Helping Twilight Win The Crown.
  7. News_Watch Dogs

    More than 65 cars, with state-of-the-art physics and handling, are available to traverse Chicago's vast and intricate roadways. When that isn't an option, running through alleys and climbing buildings is. If all else fails, Aiden can hack a train and use it to get away, or travel through other means. Watch Dogs is scheduled to be released in North America for the PC, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and Xbox 360 on November 19, 2013. The game will be released a couple of days later for Europe and Australia. No set release date is available for the game on the next generation consoles, PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Click here to view the article
  8. Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty followed Jim Raynor in his fight against the Dominion, and eventually, against Sarah Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades. There focus was on the story, and options were available to shape the story slightly, choosing choice A or B. Heart of the Swarm lacks that option. The story is completely linear, and there aren't choices to make that will affect how the main character, Sarah Kerrigan, will do things. That said, the option of choosing how you want to do things hasn't been removed. It has instead shifted from the story, to the units. Each member of the swarm, Zerglings, Banelings, Roaches, Hydralisks, Mutalisks, Ultralisks, and a new unit, Swarm Hosts, have different evolutionary paths that affect how they behave in battle. The choices made by the player during Wings of Liberty also have some impact on Heart of the Swarm's story. In addition to the various evolutions available to the Zerg during the campaign, several new units are available in the multiplayer for Terran and Protoss. Having seen them in action, and using them myself, I am quite pleased with the changes in Heart of the Swarm. The story is quite good, and very entertaining. The new units are memorable and fill a much needed spot in each race's respective arsenals. Overall, I feel that Blizzard did a wonderful job making this game. I'd give it a 9/10, and highly recommend it to Real Time Strategy fans. Click here to view the article
  9. KSI Badfur (Awarded)

    Name: KSI Badfur // Glory Mooncalled Link to Forums Account: Award-/-Achievement: Die Hard Reason-/-Evidence: I had it on the old forums, was going through the awards list, saw it, remembered, here I am asking for it again. For reference:
  10. Blizzard has also announced this sequel will contain several new multiplayer units: including the tempest, viper, and widow mine; as well as changes to existing units and structures. In addition to new units, new maps and community features will be available. Some of the new community features include: a 'players near me' option, unranked play, support for clans and groups, and global play (being able to play in your native language in any region). The Starcraft II game editor is also getting some improvements: advanced functionality for game cinematics, superior UI editing, new animations and models, improvements to working with terrain and triggers, and libraries of functions to ensure that making your own maps and mods is faster and deeper. Dustin Browder, Blizzard's lead designer for Starcraft, mentioned in an interview that Blizzard put together a full training mode, which should better help carry campaign players over to the complicated multiplayer game, and a new AI challenge mode. The game will be priced as an expansion. It will be available for purchase online, and in stores, for $40. Click here to view the article
  11. jaku beat reporter (Awarded)

    I can vouch for twahl on this. I read every article that is written by the news team, and edit most of them. I can confirm that twahl (jaku, as it were), wrote a very well written article. Based on the number of comments, and the contents within said comments, I support his claim for this award.
  12. Merry Christmas KSI

    Happy holidays, folks. May you have a merry Christmas, and/or a happy/merry/joyous/appropriate adjective to whatever other holiday you celebrate.
  13. Group B consisted of ICELAND (an Asian team), CLG.EU, CLG.NA, and FeaR. Both Counter Logic Gaming teams advanced into the winners bracket with a score of 2-0 for CLG.EU and 1-1 for CLG.NA. ICELAND and Fear, 0-2, and 1-1, proceeded to the losers bracket. Group C contained Singapore Sentinels (SGS), Curse.EU, Team SoloMid (TSM), and MeatPlayground(MP). Curse.EU and TSM advanced into the winners bracket (2-0, and 1-1), while SGS and MP (1-1, 0-2), were dropped into the losers bracket. The final group in the group stages held Moscow 5 (M5), Taipei Assassins (TPA), Curse.NA, and Black Bean (BB). The Season 2 World Championship winners, TPA proceeded into the winners bracket 2-0, with M5 1-1. Curse.NA, 1-1, and BB, 0-2, went to the losers bracket. As the tournament went on, Iceland, Black Bean, Fear, and Dynamic were eliminated early, with Dynamic, Fear, and Iceland failing to win any games. MP beat Fear 2-0, but then lost to Moscow 5 and also was eliminated from the tournament. TSM eventually lost to Azubu Blaze, 2-0. So far TSM has yet to win a game against a Korean team. Fnatic worked through the winners bracket like a storm. Sending top teams, including the Season 2 World Championship winners, TPA to the losers bracket in a completely dominated 2-0 set. Curse EU faced off against Counter Logic Gaming NA, and after a solid 3 games, Curse.EU lost 2-1 and was sent to the losers bracket to face their brother team, Curse.NA. In a battle between the two Curse teams, Curse.NA came out on top, winning 2-1, where they would go on to face TPA, who just 2-0'd the Singapore Sentinels. In the winners bracket, Fnatic faced off against CLG.NA. Fnatic lost the first game in a completely one sided match. They rolled with the punch and recovered to win the second game, returning it in a crushing victory over CLG.NA in the third game. CLG EU faced off against World Elite (WE), and completely lost the first game. The next game however, will be remembered as one of the best League of Legends games ever played. 69 minutes long, 61 kills, over 200,000 gold earned between the two teams, and epic base races made this game into a match to remember. That said, CLG.EU lost 0-2 against WE and went to the losers bracket, where they would lose again to TPA in a 2-1 set. Moscow 5 dueled CLG.NA in the losers bracket, and though they lost the first game, Alex Ich, M5's AP mid proceeded to rock the games, carrying his team to victory 2-1. After that, M5 faced off against TPA and lost 2-0. TPA would then face off against Fnatic, who was dropped to the losers bracket after losing to WE. Like the previous matches between them, TPA couldn't stand up to the might of Fnatic and they lost again, in a 2-0 set. In a fantastic face off between Fnatic, the Season 1 World Champions and Team WE, the grand finals was held on the main stage. Fnatic started off strong, taking the first game against WE, but they couldn't keep the momentum. WE came back strong and secured objective after objective, and won the next two games, making them the winners of IPL 5. Click here to view the article