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  1. Streaming : Which would You Rather Watch?

    I voted for Rainbow Six just because I personally find it interesting to watch, but any of them wouldn't be bad choices. Telltale games are usually pretty interesting to watch as well.
  2. Merry Christmas

    Merry Chrysler!
  3. I really like what they are doing with the game. While I am not the biggest fan of the operators, I think they will add a nice mix to the current game. I just started getting back into it this week, ( I literally hadn't touched the game since Jackal and Mira came out), so my aim is nowhere close to what it used to be. Overall I am excited to see where they take the game in future seasons/operations.
  4. Where do you see yourself in 1 year ?

    Probs what I've been for 3 years now. Just a judge lol
  5. What's your real job?

    Absolutely, but I would much rather deal with argumentative 16 year kids than screaming 6 year olds.
  6. What's your real job?

    The best kind of teacher! If I was gonna be a teacher, it would definitely have to be high school. Not sure I could handle any other age lol.
  7. What game are you waiting for?!

    I just feel like they are rushing it. No Battle Royale game as large and as in depth as PUBG has ever been on console. Same reason DayZ and H1Z1 hasn't came out on console. DayZ has been in development for almost 3 years now for console, still no game. If they were able to release a well running game, I would be very surprised. They would me miles ahead of other companies if they were successful.
  8. What's your real job?

    I work for a CPA in the Nuclear Engineering building at my university
  9. It’s been a while

    Pretty good! Hope to see you back around the community in the near future!
  10. Fortnight! Can you play it from dusk to Dawn?

    This game is really fun, but I'm not sure if I could go all day. I would have to have a full squad and we would have to be doing really well.
  11. Your thoughts on CoD WWII

    Now that the servers are consistently good for the most part, I am really enjoying this game. This is easily the best COD experience for me since probably black ops 2.
  12. Recruit Tribal,Reporting for duty!

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here!
  13. Your thoughts on CoD WWII

    Hope y'all are able to connect to the servers later. They have been acting up all day. I have been kicked off multiple times.
  14. Your thoughts on CoD WWII

    The campaign does look really good this year, and zombies is pretty great as well.