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      2019 KSI Donor/VIP Revamp   01/28/2019

      After much thought and re-work, the KSI Board is happy to announce the revamped and improved KSI VIP Donor System for 2019. Unlike the past where one donation netted someone the VIP group, now the group will reset on the 1st day of each year. Requirements In order to get re-added as a KSI VIP Donor, you will have to contribute in one of the following ways: Donate $10 to KSI's PayPal Donate at least 1000 bits to KSILive Sub to KSI for at least 2 months Once the new year begins, just donate in any of the 3 above ways and you will receive the 2019 Donor Award as well as the 2019 Donor Group. Just provide proof in the AAP area when you apply. Your donation can be made by someone else, so just have them provide you with the receipt. This only applies for PayPal donations and Subscribing. Bits must be your own. Donations can also add up, so you can contribute $5 for two months and receive it. Just keep the receipts as proof for your request and you will be given Donor access. With this revamp, we have improved the perks of donating to KSI. Because of your financial commitment, we want to reward you for believing in KSI and contributing in that way. Benefits Access to VIP Area on the forums to talk with other donors. 2019 Donor Forums award Special sneak previews of KSI News stories and community announcements Recognized on the KSI Front Page's Donor list Ability to give input on upcoming events, such as Divisional Cup, Spring Break, Spirit Week, Fall Classic, Turkey Bowl, and Award Show. Special Donor-only giveaways during the yearly KSI events A special Donors-Only Weekend Event full of FFAs and Giveaways in August. Overall We want to provide the best KSI experience for all of our members, and those who fund the websites, events, and so much more should be rewarded for contributing and believing in the community. So please enjoy this revamped system and allow us to work with you to forge a better, more inclusive KSI. Thank you, KSI Board of Directors
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      KSI Gaming   03/26/2019

      KSI Gaming The 2019 Forums Update is here! And along with it came a brand new KSI Gaming area. Check it out! Everything from Anthem and Apex to Siege and SMITE. Each game subforum has General Chat Thread, an Official Update Thread and an Information Thread. Game Journalists will be keeping track of and updating these threads on a weekly basis. Whether you're looking for details on the latest patch or just wanting to share tips and tricks, there's never been an faster way to connect with other gamers in our community.  Our Gaming area is currently broken down into categories: Adventure First Person Shooters MMORPG For more information about the KSI Gaming area or to learn about becoming a Game Journalist, message any of our Web Ops staff!   Explore the full 2019 Forums Update layout here: 2019 Forums Update
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      2019 Divisional Cup Kickoff!   04/01/2019

      Hello, Friends!  As most of you know from last year, Divisional Cup will keep track of divisional participation throughout the year. Starting at Spring Break and ending with January's Award Show, we will be ranking divisions each month by their participation in activities, growth, and officer staff ratio to develop a competition for Division of the Year! The division with the most points at the end of each month will be named Division of the Month. As you can see on the chart above, a list of monthly events will be posted with the meeting notes and in the Div Cup area on the forums, so everyone can be aware of what will count toward points! Divisions can expect to see points counted for Weekend Warfare, Montage and Clip submissions, News Team contests, Twitch Subscriptions, Social Media activity,  and OTM/DOTM award periods in the AAP..  plus a couple of other categories weaving in and out throughout the months! Additional events will be added depending on what is happening in and around KSI for that particular month. Same as last year: KSI's large events -- Spring Break, Spirit Week, Fall Classic, and Turkey Bowl -- will count independently and figure into the overall scores, but not the monthly tallies. Different from last year: (Change is good, promise) This year Div Cup will be split into two halves. This means even if your Division doesn't start off too hot in the first half, you can always give them a good kick in the rear at the start of the second half, and finish off strong! Here is an example of how it will look, along with the standings so far. I'm sure you all remember that Divine Warrior's took home the win last year.. so as of right now, they are the Division to beat! I'm looking forward to seeing the activity and participation from all of you!    Side note: I took down the names of all the people who supported #billdabear. I'm coming for you.        

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  1. KSI Shadowo45 Nov Recruit

    I can witness that this member has definitely recruited or aided in at least 30 recruits during his time in DL.
  2. April Clip and Montage Submission

    Gamertag: KSI DropShot 7 Division: DL Game: Black Ops 4 Link to Clip: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/ksi-dropshot-7/video/72352 Description: DropShot OP? Or enemies super bad? Gamertag: KSI DropShot 7 Division: DL Game: Fortnite Link to Clip: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/ksi-dropshot-7/video/67566748 Description: 300 meters. ON. THE. DOT.
  3. March 2019 OTM Nominations!

    Division Leader Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSIfiremomma7 Link to forums account - @KSIfiremomma7 Reasoning why they deserve this - Momma has been the driving force in DL for a very long time. Even though DL is not in the best place right now, Momma has always held her head high and done her best to motivate our members the best she can. On top of being an amazing Div Leader, she is also an amazing friend to many around the community. She is someone that I look up to because of her perseverance during her time in DL. She has been to hell and back for this division, and I wouldn't want to be underneath any other person during this rough patch for DL. General Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Shadowo45 Link to forums account - @KSI Shadowo45 Reasoning why the deserve this - Since his promotion to general, Shadow has stepped up in many ways across the division. While always going above and beyond to keep his officers motivated, Shadow has also done everything he can to help the two new generals in the other squads as well. He took it as his duty to help out with questions the new guys may have on discord, Omega, or there squad tag. Shadow is also someone who is willing to dip into his own bank account to host contest, or help out any members that need it. Captain Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Follow Link to forums account - @KSI Follow Reasoning why they deserve this - When it comes to someone who is involved in the community, Follow is a lot like I was when I first joined KSI. Not only is he an exceptional officer and does everything he can to help out Ares, he is also actively involved in multiple departments in KSI. Not only is he exceptional at keeping those around him in check, but Follow is one of the best trainers I have ever met in this community. He is always willing to help anyone no matter the issue or question. These are just a few things that make Follow an amazing officer, and someone I am excited to see grow in DL. LT Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI ShadowV Link to forums account - @ShadowVortex69 Reasoning why they deserve this - ShadowV is someone that has impressed me more then I expected since he joined KSI. While he was a little bit of the wild side when he first joined, he has matured a lot since becoming an officer. On top of continuously stepping up when his Captain and General need him, Shadow is also DL's best recruiter at the current time. He has stepped up and bloomed to be an amazing officer, and has a bright future over here in DL.
  4. KSI DropShot 7 2019 Donor

    Name: KSI DropShot 7 Link to Forums Account: @Mr. DropShot Award-/-Achievement: 2019 Donor Reason-/-Evidence: I have been subscribed to KSILive for 13 straight months, Including January, February, and March of this year. https://imgur.com/gallery/RhxwPlH
  5. Spring Break Forums Challenge

    Let's go DL!!
  6. KSI member assistance

    Follow is one of the most knowledgeable members that I have met at his position. When it comes to general knowledge about the community and the forums, Follow is your guy to go to. He is always on the forums learning anything he can, and has certainly answered many questions for myself along with many other members in DL as well.
  7. Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII - HH Roster Sign Ups

    Team Name: DL Disciples Division: DL Team Manager: KSI DropShot 7 Team Captain: KSI Shadowo45 Team members by rank (Seats 1-6): 1. KSI ShadowV 2. KSI Dundarrach 3. KSI DropShot 7 4. KSI Shadowo45 5. KSI Follow 6. KSIxNamineMoon Team Alternates by rank (Seats 7-10): 7. KSI KillerJuck18 8. KSI December 77 9. KSI JOIN US NOW 10. KSI Hexyphenia
  8. Multi - Department Award Notification

    Gamertag / Forums Name: KSIxMidwestSyko Award: Train the Trainer Any evidence if required (Pictures are great too): Attended workshop hosted by KSIDrangonRider on 12/11/18. Was posted in the wrong section of the forums and just now being caught. Profile Link if possible: @KSIxMidwestsyko
  9. January's Clips and Montage Submission

    Gamertag: KSI DropShot 7 Division: DL Game: Black Ops 2 Link to Clip: https://xboxclips.com/KSI DropShot 7/3c34ba85-9f3c-4b5f-89dc-5ad5f122c080 Description: KSI Happy Hour 4 Piece! Gamertag: KSI DropShot 7 Division: DL Game: Fortnite Link to Clip: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ksi-dropshot-7/video/67566748 Description: I Hit Those
  10. KSI DropShot 7 Meta Awards

    Name: KSI DropShot 7 Link to Forums Account: @Mr. DropShot Award-/-Achievement: Legen- Through Award Hobbyist Reason-/-Evidence: I currently have 45 awards Staff Awards: Scotlands Jacobites Impy's Cuddle Party That's So Fetch VeRiiThoTs Winter is Coming Meep's Minions
  11. Of The Years 2018! - Nominations (Closing 12/16)

    Category: Senior Leader Gamertag: KSI Ronin 77 Forums Account Link / @Mr. North Forward Reasons they deserve this award - Looking back at 2018, all three Senior Directors have had a large impact on myself, so this was definitely the hardest decision to make, but Ronin has helped shape me into a much better leader than I ever thought that I could be. Over the last 6 1/2 years that I have spent in KSI, I have met very few members of this community that are as knowledgeable as Ronin, and he is more than willing to spread and use that knowledge in any way possible to help better the community. It doesn't matter if we are gaming in a large group, bouncing ideas off of each other in a party together, working on a project, venting about random situations, or seeking advice on an issue, I take every moment as a learning experience when talking to Ronin, and it has definitely been reflected in my leadership over the last 6 months or so. Ronin is an amazing leader that I would encourage anyone to model themselves after. Category: Director Gamertag: KSI TexAngel 7 Forums Account Link/ @KSI TexAngel 7 Reason they deserve this award: What can I say about Tex that hasn't already been said? When Tex became our Director towards the beginning of the year DL was in a very rough spot, but Tex took the challenge head on and was one of the most influential people when it came to turning DL around. Whether or not Tex is over their division, most people in this community know that she is always willing to help solve any issue and/or give advice when anyone comes to her. Tex became DL's director the same night that I was promoted to General, so I had the privilege of working with Tex on both a squad leadership and divisional leadership level. Because of Tex I have become a much better leader when it comes to handling issues head on, as well as evaluating all possible outcomes before making a major decision for the division. Tex has been such a positive impact on myself alongside everyone in DL, and managed to completely revamp the leadership in our division for the betterment of DL. I can truly say that she left our division 10 times better then what it was when it was first handed to her. Category: Division Leader Gamertag: KSIfiremomma7 Forums Account Link/ @KSIfiremomma7 Reason they deserve this award: While there have been many people who have had a positive influence on me over the last 12 months, I attribute 90% of my involvement in the community during 2018 to firemomma. Not long after meeting firemomma because of a fluff message in December of last year, Momma had enough trust in myself and my general at the time to take a squad with about 15 active people and build it from the ground up. Although I had been an officer many times in the past at that point, I learned more about being a leader at a squad level from firemomma than anyone else in this community. Early into 2018 DL was sitting at under 130 members, with poor leadership across all squads. Even as Division Leader, momma took it personally to step in and retrain basically every officer in DL, and has continued to mentor many leaders in this division to turn DL into the best that it has been in a very long time. All business aside, firemomma has touched some many people across the entire community simply because she is one of the most down-to-earth, genuine people I have met in my life. I personally have experienced a lot of 'highs' as well as a lot of 'lows' in both KSI and my personal life the last year, and firemomma has always been there to pick me up when I needed it more than ever. Because of this firemomma has grown to be one of my closest friends on xbox, and I couldn't imagine myself or DL without her. Category: Co-Division Leader Gamertag: KSI PROPHECY v7 Forums Account Link/ @KSI PROPHECY v7 Reason they deserve this award: Prophecy was one of the driving forces in DL during 2018. He never backed down from any challenge thrown his away, often times stepping in and always offering to be acting general of a squad whenever needed. He is responsible for most of the success in both Athena and Ares, training a large portion of the officer staffs whenever needed. If I were to write what all this man has done for me, I would be writing for weeks. I have learned so much from Prophecy over the last year when it comes to being a leader in this community, and a lot of my success as a member of this 7's staff is because of him. Although Prophecy recently stepped down from his position, DL would not be where it is today without him. He was firemomma's right hand man throughout the year, and was exceptional when it came to leading the division. Category: General Gamertag: KSI Shadowo45 Forums Account Link/ @KSI Shadowo45 Reason they deserve this award: Shadow has impressed me more over the last few months more than anyone else in DL. While Shadow was an amazing officer in Ares, he has grown into one of the best leaders DL has seen in a very long time since he became General of Athena a couple of months ago. Not only has Shadow gone above and beyond when it comes to training everyone in Athena, he has also been more then willing to step in when needed in another squad to train officers, host a meeting, or simply game with the squad. Shadow has been a huge help to the 7's staff when needed, and has stepped up to help Ares while we are looking for a new general. Shadow has worked well with he other generals and officers in DL recently to make sure as many members as possible are PO certified. Shadow is definitely someone that I am excited to work with moving forward. Category: Captain Gamertag: KSI bubbaKat Forums Account Link/ @bubbaKat Reason they deserve this award: When Nemesis DL was formed in January of this year, there was about 15 active people throughout the squad. Today, there are at about 100 members, and are gearing up for a squad split that will likely be happening within the next month or so. KSI bubbaKat is responsible for a large portion of this growth and success, and I can definitely say that Nemesis would not be where it is today without her. While I was general over Nemesis, bubbakat was my go-to person when it came to running the squad. I knew that if I was going to be unavailable for any reason at all, that bubba would be the first to step up and fill in for me wherever needed. I can confidently say that she is one of the best recruiters when it comes to recruiting other quantity AND quality. Bubba was an amazing Captain during my time as General of Nemesis, and has continued to impress everyone as a General over the last few months.
  12. Turkey Bowl 2018 Poll

    Let's go DL!
  13. KSI DropShot 7 Multiple Awards

    Name: KSI DropShot 7Link to Forums Account: @Mr. DropShotAward-/-Achievement: Wasted Life, Friendly, and Capped OutReason-/-Evidence: Wasted Life- I currently have over 2000 posts on the forums. Friendly- I have "Won the Day" 3 times Capped Out- I am currently Senior Marketing Rep, as well as being a T&E staff member. @Nebula 7 and @KSI BadKitty 7 can verify if needed.
  14. Fall Classic 2018 Forums Challenge

    Let's go DL!
  15. KSI TexAngel 7 OS Level 2

    Back in April, Tex became our Director the same night that I became a general, so I have had the privilege of working with Tex as a leader in DL for the last 5 months. When Tex became our director in DL, our division was struggling and Tex had a huge task ahead of her. When we were in need, Tex has always been there with her guidance and outlook on things. When we come to Tex with an idea or issue, she has never been afraid to put it straight with us and show us a much better way to approach the situation. She has completely restructured the mindset and leadership of the 7's staff, and that leadership has since trickled down to the squad level as well. In closing, I can't think of anyone better to receive this award. She picked us up when we were down, and believed in us when it seemed like no one else did (even ourselves.) She has seen us at our lows, and helped us get to our highs. She has been an excellent mentor to myself since I became a Co-Founder, and has done the same to so many others during her time in KSI. On top of her top-notch perseverance and leadership, Tex has always been willing to talk to anyone about anything, and continues to be a friend to many throughout the community.