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  1. Workshop meeting notes

    SGT Workshop on 10/9/17 Host: KSI Joe 7 Attendance: KSI ASHMEDAI KSI Imperial SF KSI Killer s117 KSI GoofyDoofer KSI Rails KSI Warf KSI COUNTDUKEU KSI HarleyQ8995 KSI Mars 7 KSI ninja dm80 Robert Copeland XxELIT3 SHOTXx7 Guests: KSI BadKitty 7 KSI Gambit 7 KSI Gruntier 7 Notes Used: SGT Workshop
  2. Spirit Week Shout out/200th poster Wins a Prize

    Shout out to the following people: @KSI Gruntier Can't say what I normally call you, as I got to keep it somewhat PG. haha Seriously though, where would I be without you and your one liners! You crack me up and are awesome. Secretary, I appreciate your services more than you know. You may suck at UNO, but I forgive you for that, as the bots put up the real challenge. Thank You for being an amazing friend and person that I know I could go to about anything and always rely on! @MitchmeisterHS Mitch, Mitch, Mitch..you know I got to keep the rest censored. Anyhow, ever since I transferred here, you've been Welcoming and an amazing friend to me. Always enjoy hanging out and gaming with you. Always have/had confidence in you, and you are proving to be super awesome! You are just an amazing person overall, and someone I could go to for pretty much anything. Thanks for always remaining true to yourself bro, and being someone that is just overall a great person. You are more humble and nice than you think! hehe @KSI Lightspeed I don't get how you stay so calm, cool and collected all the time. Little light, you've come a long way. Not only are you great in all you do, but are a really amazing person as well. You are always someone I could count on, in and out of KSI. You've grown to be an amazing friend and person, and someone I know I could go to, as we're always on the same page with anything. Thank You for everything, always! @KSI Kyusent I'll probably have to direct you to read this still, lol, but seriously, you are someone that is an amazing friend, and always there to listen, talk, and just play games and have fun with. I'm glad that I could do the same with you, and remember, the Guardian is always watching you. @I AM W1CKED Thanks for being a mentor and great friend as well. You are one of the best, as you always know how to get down and have a good time, and still be an amazing leader an asset to this community. Always crack me up with your funny pics/memes. haha One of these days I might beat you in a game of Halo..you never know.
  3. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2017!!! Open Til 6/22 8pm est

    DM has the most spirit!!!
  4. Favorite Video Game Music?

    I have a lot, but I would have to say the classic Legend of Zelda theme is my all time favorite.
  5. Thoughts about a Halo Reach Squad

    I was actually originally recruited back in the Halo: Reach days. Good times and memories. I remember when Reach had like over 100,000+ players on, during peak hours. The last Halo: Reach Squad dissolved I believe well over a year ago in KSI. I know Halo 4 Squads are starting to get phased out. With Halo 5 around the corner, I honestly highly doubt that KSI would go back to Reach though. Most Squads are looking to go forward, in all of KSI, with all new games coming out soon. It's good to know there's still a decent amount of people playing that game though, as it was better than Halo 4, IMO.
  6. Xbox One Borderlands

    I got it. Definitely would like to play in co-op sometime, as the game is fun, especially Borderlands 2.
  7. Welcome to the forums KSI Ninja Dude :)