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  1. Fall Classic 2018 Forums Challenge

    DM for the win!
  2. Romeo's Mutli Nom's

    I could attest that KSIxROMEO has been in KSI for over a year, along with having a KSI Gamertag.
  3. Gamertag: KSI Gruntier 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Gruntier 7 Award-/-Achievement: Member Assistance Reason-/-Evidence: Eli, aka, Gruntier, has provided me with answering many of my questions in KSI anytime I ask. He is a fountain of knowledge when it pertains to almost anything KSI related. He has assisted me countless times, which is why he is deserving of this award.
  4. KSI Prod Head Hunter Nomination

    Verified Head Hunter: Yes
  5. KSI Grimshot 77 Mutiple Nominations

    Member Assistance 3/3 Verified: Yes
  6. KSI Skarzx 77: Mad Max & Die Hard

    Please provide a multitude of witnesses that can provide factual evidence to attest for both of these awards.
  7. Forum Addict - KSI Skarzx 77

    Forums Addict: Yes
  8. Gamerscore Hoarder Nomination for KSI Fats McGee

    Gamerscore Hoarder: Yes
  9. Ice Breaker Nomination for KSI Bane

    Ice Breaker: Yes
  10. KSI December 77 - Good Karma Award

    Good Karma: Yes
  11. Gamerscore Hoarder Nomination for KSI XSilencex

    Gamerscore Hoarder: Yes
  12. KSI Grimshot 77 Mutiple Nominations

    Member Assistance 2/3 One more witness please.
  13. KSI December 77 Outstanding Service (LV1)

    Keep em coming!
  14. Gamerscore Hoarder Nomination for KSI TheDutchMan

    Gamerscore Hoarder: Yes
  15. KSI Hatter 7 Self Nomination: Grifball

    GrifBall: Yes