KSI May/Spirit Week 2018 Town Hall Q&A Thread

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Gamertag: KSI BLICKY 7
Division: FI
How do you think that participation has increased since the implementation of the Divisional Cup?

Gamertag: KSI xKamikaze
Division: DW
Where do you see KSI in a year from now?

KSI Blood 7
Demonic Mayhem
KSI has been doing spring break, turkey bowl, spirit week for awhile now. Why is it we seperate the 7 staff from playing in matches with there fellow people from there respected Divs? Why do we have 7 specific games? Why are we seperating our leadership with members in our Divs? Can we change this? I believe lead by example is huge in KSI, as well as be the change you wanna see. Maybe its time for change.

Division: DW
Comment: Who was the initial person who thought of spirit week? When did spirit week start? 

KSI GreendayFox
Forced Induction
Was there a best year the community has turned out for Spirit Week or does every year get better?

KSI FadeZ 7
Forced Induction. 
Whats your favorite part of spirit week?

 KSI BooyahMonk said:
KSI BooyahMonk 
Explosive Outlaws 
When it comes down to figuring out what games to bring to spirit Week and the splitting of the 7s from the rest of the members, why is that and why not just do larger game modes that allows the 7s to play with their members during these great events? 

 KSI Bane 
Division: DW
Comment: Who were some leaders y’all looked up to going up the ranks!???????

Kaos Reeper said:
How come there's no SMITE or R6 Siege events in Spirit Week despite obvious and outspoken desire to play them?

Gamertag: KSI Big Mack 92
Division: DW
Comment: this is my first spirit week what time does  the ww2 game time start

KSI Teufel
Divine warriors
Do we have Esports and MLG teams that play tournaments vs other communities, and if not why not?

Gamertag: KSIxETR
Division: Divine Warriors (DW)
Comment: What happens when a division wins the cup?

KSI Alt F4
Comment: what is the divisional cup?

What are some things Members can look forward to in the future? 

KSI True 77
Compared to how KSI was last year at this time, KSI has not visibly grown, members wise. Although this may be the case, KSI has grown in other ways. Which way do you feel we have had the most substantial growth? Department Operations, general knowledge, activity, outstanding leadership, or something else?

PHIL0S0PHY said:
Have you seen any major benefits of starting the Divisional Cup?
So far, do you consider the Divisional Cup successful?
If you do consider it successful, and it remains successful, are there any more ideas that you want to implement?

KSI MeShell 7
Division: CD
Comment: Has there ever been a Web-Ops tournament or event? (i.e. Each department puts together a team to participate in an event)

KSI xShocK 7 said:
Do you think that games like gta v or red dead redemption 2 could be future squad games ?

KSI Havoc 7
Division: DW
Comment: Was there any particular spirit week member from previous years that sticks out to you? what is it?

 KSI Cherry 7
Division: WD 
Question: What is the history of spirit week? Why was it founded and how do you decide how spirit week is going to be run to meet the new audience of members each year? 

The forums are a great tool but they seem to be backwards. When you post something you have to scroll though many to see the last one to read the newest stuff.  Is there a way to get the newest post on top ?

KSI Joe 7
Demonic Mayhem
Does a Division within KSI still have to have had one successful Division split to be deemed Armada, and what other requirenents are needed for that to happen? 

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