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  1. Tavie

    manga inspired

    youtube header & twitter header + avi
  2. Tavie


    if there were such thing as hipster graphic design i think this would be it looks cool though this is the sort of art i'm trying to do this year thx for inspo
  3. it needs to be at least 1080 x 1080, or else it'll be too small, and it'll look distorted
  4. if u had something u were looking for, please add it into the additional comments next time. but i'm sure another artist will have a blast at it~
  5. apologies for the wait, will be working on this shortly.
  6. hello tyche, or HANGx2xLOW! unfortunately you only have 5 posts, but you need at least 20 non-spam posts to make a request! so once you've reached that requirement, you are free to create a new topic. thanks
  7. hey there! sorry for not letting you know sooner, but you do need at least 20 non-spam posts to make a request. once you've fulfilled that requirement, please create a new topic, for this one will be closed! thank you
  8. you need at least 20 non-spam posts to make a request. please come back and make a new request once you've reached the requirement! also, when you do post your request after getting 20 non-spam posts, pleeeeease give an example as to what a "flower of life" is.
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