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  1. Tavie

    manga inspired

    youtube header & twitter header + avi
  2. Tavie


    if there were such thing as hipster graphic design i think this would be it looks cool though this is the sort of art i'm trying to do this year thx for inspo
  3. it needs to be at least 1080 x 1080, or else it'll be too small, and it'll look distorted
  4. if u had something u were looking for, please add it into the additional comments next time. but i'm sure another artist will have a blast at it~
  5. apologies for the wait, will be working on this shortly.
  6. i make twitter rebrands/twitch rebrands so if you have questions you can ask me these are some banners i've made: https://tavie.carbonmade.com/projects/6661216 my discord is Taviola#1669
  7. hmm.. in my opinion, there's a lot going on. personally with twitter headers, especially for pro/top tier players, i would look for something less cluttered and more simple instead of using 8 photos, maybe stick with only using 2 or 3 but overall for this piece, text and logo would be better of it were centered, and if moved to the center, resized to be a little smaller. as for the youtube and twitch URLs, i would just stick with the logos and username, rather than the whole URL example:
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