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  1. Destiny 2: Warlock Infinite Stasis Turret build

    Below is needed information for Building this, however i will remind you that this is WARLOCK ONLY, i am still investigating one for Titans and hunters that will compare.


    Exotic: Eyes of another World: Improves ALL Regen rates on abilities (stacks with ALL current stat figures). 

    Class Stats ideals: (example of a basic grouped building of stats at the lower end of the build):

    Mobility: 30

    Resilience: 50-60 (Take the hits)

    Recovery: 100+ (Allows for the Fast rifts)

    Discipline: 60-70 (Keep grenades coming)

    Intellect: 50-60 (moderate speed to supers, while higher is good, survival is priority)

    Strength: 30-40 (Not as important)


    (=====It is infact possible to wind up with 3 stats at 100+ if you have HIGH stat roll armors already from raids or seasonal or just good luck and farming====)


    Bleak watcher: charge your grenade to turn it into a turret

    Iceflare Bolts: frozen targets generate a seeker bolt that targets new targets when broken.


    Whisper of Fissures: Bigger blast explosions from destroying a frozen target.

    Whisper of Shards: Breaking Stasis Crystals boosts grenade recharge speed () shatter more crystals to increase effect.

    Whisper of Chains: Reduces damage taken while near frozen targets or friendly stasis crystals.

    Whisper of Durance: Increases the Slowing effects of abilities.


    PERKS USED: (most used on fire type armors)

    Bomber: Reduces grenade cooldown time when using your class ability (effect stacks too.)

    Charged up: Allows another 1 stack of charged with light.

    Firepower: While charged with light, regain grenade energy when using a grenade while charged with light, uses 1 stack of charged with light. (Mod does stack effects with more than 1 being used)

    Taking Charge: Become charged with light by picking up orbs of light.


    Useful perks for Champs: (works good on nightfalls)

    Class item -

    Sundering Blast: stunning ANY champion creates a Explosive Blast wave (highly usefull for add clearing lol)

    Energy Accelerant: dragonfly, chain reaction, firefly (the explosions are more powerful)

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