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  1. LT KSI Warden 2LT LW CAESAR - http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/31816-ksi-warden/ KSI Warden is in deserve of LT of the month award cause his leadership skills; He is a very good mentor and loves to train people. Always takes the extra steps to make sure everything in the squad is moving smoothly and effictively. Goes well above and beyond especially for his job duties.
  2. Samurai LW Headhunters is ready for all challenges we are a black ops 2 squad. Message KSI Starset (Captain of Headhunters) to set up a challenge.
  3. KSI Collector 7 was my mentor. He has helped me with my training so I can further my progress in KSI. Collector has helped me give me my training and been there to help me and my squad mates whenever. If anyone should deserve this award it is KSI Collector 7.
  4. General KSI Zombielord He has done so much in his time of being in KSI. He has done extremely well in treating everyone in Leonidas (LW) with respect and has done everything in his power to help his people. He has worked hard for his position and has driven Leonidas forward. Anyone from Leonidas and Beowolf will agree. I am a mobile user otherwise I would post up a link.
  5. Welcome to the forums KSI xEpicxRain :)

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