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  1. Congrats to all the winners KSI Ronin 77 1st KSI Rises 2nd KSI Bixby and KSI VeRiiTaS 7 3rd
  2. Congrats to spooder And bixby on 3rd rooster on 2nd Robin hood on first
  3. December 17th Weekend Warfare will be an Burnout Paradise City Race (Xbox 360 & Xbox One). The event will start approximately @8pm EST. Sign ups will close prior to the event @7:30 EST. Please use the following template to sign up Division: Gamertag:
  4. Can you make me a cool piece of ksi art with my name 

    1. KSI FI Assassin

      KSI FI Assassin

      Like you did bella's

    2. KSI EnVisionz 7

      KSI EnVisionz 7

      You need to make a request in the graphic department area 

    3. KSI FI Assassin
  5. Congrats to the winners KSI altar 1st place KSI Sky 14 in 2nd KSI K1ll4 on 3rd
  6. Pliers has gone through a lot of things from the TSB down to the weeks of people slandering his good name on twitter I who bare witness to that as I was one of the people being slandered along side him for a Meer friendship. Even with people dragging pliers good name through the thick mud he still has the strength to stand up and keep going. There is nothing that could possibly make him want to give up.
  7. Congrats to the winners 1st- KSI Neptune and KSI ALTAR 2nd- KSI PermaFrost and KSI Alvin 3rd- KSI ZenoMeta 7 and KSI Reigns 7
  8. November 12th Weekend Warfare will be a Destiny 2v2 Clash (Xbox one). The event will start approximately @8pm EST. Sign ups will close prior to the event @7:30 EST. Division: Team Captain: Teammate(1):
  9. Congrats to the winners 1st- KSI Boo Boo 2nd- KSI Poison Dew 3rd- KSI Serbian
  10. http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/28430-ksi-asuna-7/ I have Rcted 43, Trained 37, and Referred- 19 all of these can be found on my xbox located in my BIO. Gamertag- KSI Asuna 7
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