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  1. Category: CoFo Gamertag: KSI Dragons 7/KSI DK 7 Forums Account Link: @DK7 Reasons they deserve this award: Dragons has stuck around as both Insanity’s & now Hellborn’s CoFo for a pretty solid 2 years. As a 7, when it came time to transfer members over to another division, he made it happen. Not sure which promotion he wants more: me becoming a gen again or him becoming DM’s next Founder? Thanks for putting-up with our shenanigans--cheers, mate! Category: Gen Gamertag: KSI Fats McGee Forums Account Link: @KSI Fats McGee Reasons they deserve this award: Fat’s motto and rule of life is to give everybody a second chance. Even though his not general anymore; I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to show my gratitude for his patience and determination. As everyone in DM knows: Insanity was merged and disbanded. Through a very rocky officer staff, Fats managed to help not only his fellow officers with the transition, but everyone in the squad; giving everyone an opportunity some members never thought they would have--a fresh start with a new squad of their choice. Category: SSGT Gamertag: KSI J0KER DM Forums Account Link: @KSI J0KER DM Reasons they deserve this award: J0KER is probably one of Hellborn’s youngest officers, but that doesn’t stop him from being mature and reliable. Way to go with the recruits, man! Never misses a meeting (officer or squad), is always punctual, and always willing andKSI J0KER DM able to make the best of any Xbox party. When Hellborn splits and KSI Dragons 7 becomes DM’s literal grandfather, J0KER is my #1 pick for who I take with me. He has shown what it means to be an officer Category: Member Gamertag: KSI Zordon Forums Account Link: @KSI Zordon Reasons they deserve this award: Zordon came on the scene pretty early is already a 4th Lt; which should tell you everything you need to know about him. Somehow he has & plays all the latest games; besides the fact he could probably beat me at most of them! Despite having a kid, he’s still punctual, kind, and happy. If there’s someone I could see possible passing me someday in the ranks it would be him.
  2. Team Captain: KSI WinterMoth Gamertag: KSI WinterMoth (#6941 - Discord) Division: Hellborn, DM Teammate: KSI Fats McGee Gamertag: KSI Fats McGee (#7839 - Discord) Division: Hellborn, DM
  3. Gamertag: KSI WinterMoth Award: New Member Certified Evidence: KSI Gruntier 7 Link to profile: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/35274-ksi-wintermoth/
  4. In DM, our mayhem isn't just crazy... It's DEMONIC!
  5. Hello there ^.^

    1. DrinkYourDamTea


      Lol hey moth remember little old me? It's still harley lol 

    2. KSI WinterMoth

      KSI WinterMoth

      Sí Señorita :ahappy:

      So yes it's true, I'm returning. Filed app for Insanity DM. JAK is more than happy as you might have guessed lol

    3. DrinkYourDamTea


      Why wouldnt he be? Lol and i saw! i am ES now but we gota get togther again! 


  6. I'm hosting a Halo 5 game night this Thursday @ 8pm EST. So I don't forget add and message me on Xbox (KSI WinterMoth is my gamertag) anytime before than otherwise you'll be joining in-session and might miss out on some of the cool stuffs I have planned. :ahappy:

  7. Hey winter it's me KSI NateDor leaving a message on your feed like you told me too


  8. Name/ Gamertag: KSI True 7 Current Rank/ Title in KSI: DM director Category Nominating for: Co-Division leader Forums Profile Link: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/21248-true-7/ Reasons I feel this member should receive this award: Although she wasn’t my general too long in Wrath, her leadership still resides. There’s no question that DM as a whole as changed (take it as you will.) But if there’s someone who wants only the best for this division, then look no further. Thanks to KSI True 7: many security risked members have become cleared, as well “fluff” from squads/division have been dealt with. I can now say, DM has some of the best 7’s we’ve ever had in a long time. Name/ Gamertag: KSI Lotta Current Rank/ Title in KSI: 2CPT Category Nominating for: General Forums Profile Link: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/29747-ksi-lotta/ Reasons I feel this member should receive this award: whenever I transferred to Wrath sometime back in March, Lotta was Captain, and KSI True 7 was general. Lotta was promoted to general on the 20th of May 2016, and has been general until 18th of December when she transferred to Cruelty, DM. Her dedication to this squad and its members is unparalleled. Being someone who lives in England, 5 hours ahead of eastern time but still host lobbies at 6, 7, sometimes even 8pm EST. Every time she’s online, never once have I heard her speak down to any member, officer or not.
  9. Wrath Schedule (12-18 Dec)


    GTA - KSI Lotta - 6pm EST


    H4 - KSI Rises - 6pm EST


    Free day


    GTA - KSI Rises - 6pm EST


    DM/DR Game night? - 7pm EST


    Q&A session and games - KSI Sunny - TBA


    Officer/squad meeting - KSI Lotta - 5 to 6 then 6 to 7pm EST

    H4 officers vs squad - after meeting

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