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  1. General KSI Itachii,Gen,SL,Templar Link to forums @KSI Itachii Reasoning why they deserve this award. Itachii had big shoes to fill after he took over as Gen when Toxin 7 got promoted to Co founder and has done a phenomenal job TEMPLAR is ever growing and it is because of him training his officer core to be the best he has been there to guide us all in recruiting,promoting,workshops ect. He has shown me what a Gen is supposed to act talk like. I am proud to call him my General of Templar Captain KSI THEZOHAN,3CPT,SL,Templar Link to forums @KSI THEZOHAN Reasoning why the deserve this award. Zohan is Itachii right hand man between sitting in when members are recruiting to recruiting himself to promoting to workshops ect the man is a jack of all trades has really been there for me and the other officers in templar keeping us motivated to recruit, host workshops, promote, gamenights ect. The man is always there for any of us if we have a problem or just want to talk same as Itachii. Will making an awesome Gen one day.
  2. @KSI Kyrolen17 Train The Trainer certified 8/25/19 Witness hosted by @KSI Lethal1
  3. GT KSI Lethal1 @KSI Lethal1 Award: New member certified Evidence: Attended a workshop hosted by @KSI DCRUNK on 8/10/19
  4. Gamertag-KSI Sinikon SL/Templar Gen Link to forums account- @KSI Sinikon Reasoning why they deserve this- Solid guy has done so much for Templar between recruiting,gamenights, and promotions along with dealing with a Squad split transferring members to Glory never has anything bad to say about anybody Just a general person who i am happy to have as my Gen
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