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  1. i miss the old days when you get online and play to win not cheat

  2. all i want to do is play my game

  3. all i want to do is play my game

  4. all i want to do is play my game

  5. i am here to talk and play with friends because i love all my KSI Friends

  6. KSI Really never answered my real questions on why word are not in black in white and followed, bye

    1. Impy


      What? If you want someone to talk to, I got you.

  7. I have a great mine set because i believe in the law of attraction

  8. feeling bad about pass week events

    1. SqueekyNinja97


      Don't worry about it man, what happened happened, and if he left Apollo, that's his problem, and there will be plenty of recruits in his place

  9. OMG this just made my christmas, i am tearing up and what not. i like to say thank you to every one that believed in me and congrats to the winners. i hope to have a great year like this one was.
  10. Senior Director KSIxAPOCALYPSE7 http://www.ksiforums.org/user/248-ksixapocalypse7/ Reasoning why they deserve this – He takes care of the littlest of problems and is very knowledgeable about KSI, he brings a whole new meaning to the open door policy. He is the only Senior Director to join my party chat and get me info on how to handle big issues. Director KSI Roman 7 Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) –Director TW,FI,EO http://www.ksiforums.org/user/989-ksi-roman-7/ Reasoning why they deserve this - KSI Roman 7 is a great leader with great game ideas for squad that are not that active. H
  11. i need a award called "bookworm" for the most posted notes on the forums please
  12. i need to see a most active reward. time spent is time learned.
  13. MY Squad Apollo will take any challenge hit me up and ksi rafter man aka number one in run and gun BLK OPS 2 boi
  14. Director : KSI Roman 7 Gamertag (Rank - Division) – DIR (TW,DL,EO) http://www.ksiforums...89-ksi-roman-7/ Reasoning why they deserve this – He is a leader that not only comes down from his high chair to help the littlest of members, He gave me ideas on games for game night and told me about the Educational section on the forums. Division Leader : KSI LAZAR 7 Gamertag (Rank - Division) – DIV Leaders DL http://www.ksiforums...10-ksi-lazar-7/ Reasoning why they deserve this – Where do I start Trainer, leader, and problem solver, I haven’t seen a stronger leader since Bill Cli
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