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Spirit Week Updated Schedual and Times

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That's right KSI!!!! Our 3rd annual KSI Spirit Week is upon us! Below you will find our Spirit Week Schedule and list of events so that your division has ample time to prepare. With each year, we learn from the last, so if you notice significant differences it is because our previous experiences made us find ways to make Spirit Week better!

KSI Spirit Week - July 16-20, 2014

**** All events start promptly at 7 pm est and will end approximately at 10 pm est ****

***!!! Divisional Leadership MUST sign up their divisions teams, no other 7 in their division can do this !!!***

Wednesday July 16 - Spirit Week Pep Rally - This event will be the launch of Spirit Week! We will be giving all of the pertinent details that you will need to know and how to stay connected throughout the rest of the week. This night will also be when we host the Forum Challenge for all divisions to check in, vote, and show their spirit to hopefully break last years record of members online! We will also be having a few surprises to include a Board Roast, Simon Says game night, and a bunch of giveaways!

Thursday July 17 - Halo 4 Team Rumble - This night we will have our Halo 4 3v3 event. We will also be doing interactive social media competitions throughout the game battle for your chances to win prizes!!

Halo 4 3v3 event details:

2 teams per division

3v3 multi team playlist (Slayer , Oddball , Swat , King of The Hill, Active Race ( like on halo reach) )

single elimination

live streamed matches

5 min time limit on matches

must abide by KSI, Weekend Warfare, and KSI Code of Conduct

Friday July 18 - KSI Karaoke Night - This was a big hit last year, so we are bringing it back with a few changes. We will be limiting the amount of reps a division can have in the contest. We will also be doing a separate forums challenge this night for all of the 7's of KSI so they have an opportunity to win a prize!

Karaoke event details:

2 reps per division

live streamed

4 min time limit ( that includes set up, singing, and leaving so choose you song wisely apx. 2.5 - 3 mins would be recommended)

xbox live party ( this is where its taking place)

must abide by KSI Code of Conduct ( no cuss words or degrading lyrics )

Saturday July 19 - Battle for the Title - This is the final event of Spirit Week and could be the make it or break it for the winner of the Spirit Week Title! The battle will be a 4v4 COD: Ghosts.

COD: Ghost 4v4 event details:

1 team per division

4v4 playlists ( Core Playlist : Domination, Blitz, Search and Destroy )

single elimination

live streamed matches

5 min time limit

must abide by KSI, Weekend Warfare, and KSI Code of Conduct

Sunday July 20 - Awards Stream/Tie Breaker - This will be the final stream where we present the winner of Spirit Week 2014, give shoutouts, and recap highlights of the weeks events. In event of a tie, we will live stream the tie breaking game during this time!!


1. We will have a tie breaker for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place this year. If two divisions end up having the same amount of points we will go into a Tie Breaker Challenge. This will be a 4v4 TDM battle on Black Ops 2 but the twist is the team must be made up of current Gens-7's of the division. If one of the divisions fails to produce a team of gens-up to compete they forfeit and the second division automatically wins.

2. Please follow us on all of our social media outlets to make sure you are prepared for Spirit Week this year.

Twitter - @KSIorg

Instagram - KSI_Global_Official

Twitch - www.twitch.tv/KSIlive

Youtube - www.youtube.com/theksiproductions

Facebook - www.facebook.com/KSIGlobalOfficial

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