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The KSI Lounge: GTA V 11/10/19

Bane 7

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The KSI Lounge will be back on Sunday October 27th at 7:00pm EST.  The Game of the night will be Grand Theft Auto V, since there’s a lot to do in GTA please drop down below what you wanna play!!


KSI Bane 7 and KSI Trixie 7 will be the host.


“After a long week of work and grind within your operations of KSI, it’s time to start the week on a good note. Relax, unwind and join in on some fun, come visit the KSI Lounge for an hour or two.”


Any member (rank doesn’t matter) can sign up to partake in this new biweekly show. Come join in and share some info about yourself. This show might be able to get a lot of you out there in KSI, and give you opportunities to meet new people.


You can even share info about your specific area(s) of KSI, you feel some may not know!! Or spark conversations and get opinions on games and anything else you wanna talk about. Let’s have fun with this!! 


Any questions, comments or concerns reach out to KSI Bane 7 or KSI Trixie


Hope to see you there, just drop your gamertag and/or a sneak peek of something you might want to talk about.


Please use this format:



Game mode you’d like played (Races, missions, etc.):

(Optional) Topic you want to discuss/or might want to hear about:

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