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Veteran's Day 2021: MW FFA

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On Saturday, November 13th, KSI will be hosting a special Veteran's Day event! This event will begin at 8pm est. There will be a special Veteran's Day 2021 award for anyone who participates in this event. Signups are open to anyone in KSI as well as our partnered communities. 


We would like to thank everyone who has served in the armed forces, and given the ultimate sacrifice for our country. None of us would be here without them, and it takes a great amount of honor to lay your life on the line for fellow citizens that you will never meet in your lifetime. You have honorably served your nation with great distinction. And us here at KSI can never say it enough - for your service in war and in peace - thank you. 


Please signup below, and include your xbox gamertag or your Activision I.D. if you are not on xbox. 



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