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Legion’s New Year Gamenight Giveaway

KSI Akame 7

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Hello my amazing friends and family I have some great news for you today! On January 1st 2022 @7pm est KSI VANQUISH WD will hosting a big bash gamenight GIVEAWAY on halo infinite so if you have an xbox and you have xbox live you can download it for free and join us in this epic gamenight giveaway all are welcome to attend KSI or NON-KSI alike it doesn't matter. we will also be livestreaming the on https://www.twitch.tv/ksilive so if you want to tune in and watch and see who wins what prizes or even watch an epic gamenight just tune in. also if you  tune in and watch you would be eligible to win a prize as well. all prizes will be randomized so it could be you that wins if you attend either the livestream or gamenight. don't miss out and come join in on fun  spread the word and show some love.

This event will start at 7pm EST if you are interested in participating please reach out to KSI LEGION or use the following template to sign up.




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