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KSIxAsuma 77

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Welcome to the Productions Social Media Suggestions Box!

 Please post here to make any suggestions to the Productions Team in regard to our social media outlets.

These include:

We would like you input on what we can do to catch your eye and make them meaningful for you. We appreciate app ideas! Please remember that we will do what we can to accommodate your suggestions. Thank you for you time!

- The Productions Department 

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Youtube- I've noticed a lot of the youtube clips have a lot of "excess footage." Not like too many clips but the length of the clips per say. If a person is running for 15 secs to shoot a 3 man killfeed maybe cut the first 12-13 ish secs out? Not an exact example but I feel like people don't get as excited watching unneeded gameplay. After all that's what the KSI streams are for ;)

Instagram- I'd be willing to follow and be more active on the KSI Instagram if it posted more. Maybe more artwork showcases, even if it is 1-3 pics per post throughout the week. Split the content up to have consistent uploads. Also it'd be cool if there was like a clip of the week that we uploaded on there. Only the really extreme cool clips get featured on there type of thing. Clip of the week submissions? The best gets featured on IG and the left over clips get pooled for next weeks featured. Then at end of the month use the remaining clips in the KSI monatge.

Tiktok- As an avid tiktok user, short action packed clips always gain my attention. If we took 3-5 interesting clips that really make the jaw drop would definitely get us a lot views and follows. Has to be like I said in the youtube suggestion. Straight to the point but yet exploding with amazement, people these days have attention spans of frying pans.


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I've noticed that our YouTube Channel makes montages with multiple clips being put into longer videos. I'd like to recommend to post small clips under 1 minute long as youtube shorts and/or create a TikTok for KSI and upload them there as well. Videos and clips should also be more frequently shared among the KSI Twitter and Instagram Pages to connect the audience's between each platform and promote growth.

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