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      Hello, KSI Turkey Bowl is set and we have days, times, and events! Each day will have two events, both starting at 8 p.m. EST! T&E will be hosting each tournament, and sign-ups will be posted in the Turkey Bowl Forums Section! http://www.ksiforums.org/forum/366-turkey-bowl/ The winner(s) of each tournament will receive a prize that is yet to be determined. Keep your ears out for prize announcements. --- Schedule November 24th: (8pm EST x2) •Halo 5 - Swat: 2v2 1.
      •Karaoke - Current Top 100 (Skype) November 25th: (8pm EST x2) •Rocket League - 2v2
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  1. What's the longest you've gamed for?

  2. General Chat

    exactly woot!
  3. What's the longest you've gamed for?

    Nice. Keep up the good work !
  4. General Chat

    Its was gonna be quite the place lol
  5. General Chat

    Pizza shop/pub
  6. General Chat

    Not to bad. Was trying to start up my own business but it fell through due to miss communication through dealing with Lebanese there was a huge language barrier and there was issues with the lease that they would not change so I backed out for my own safety and well-being. now I'm just sitting at home getting fat from beer lol
  7. General Chat

    How are u old friend
  8. General Chat

    Hey all
  9. What's the longest you've gamed for?

    I'm back
  10. What's the longest you've gamed for?

    It's been a while since I've been here, looks like yall have been busy
  11. Spirit Week 2015 Forums Challenge

    Let's go EO !!! Keep it Beardy !!!
  12. What's the longest you've gamed for?

    So close to the 2 year mark peeps! !! Keep it up
  13. Vikings

    so who thinks rolo is going to become emperor of paris? i think Poop is gonna hit the fan when the rest of the vikings come back after winter!
  14. All things beard

    Nice!!! How did u get the pic in the post? Cause there's a cupple of us that would love to know
  15. All things beard

    Keeping it beardy !