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  1. Count to a Million

    12, 836 There are people who have purposely thrown off the number throughout this topic and moderators at the time either didn't notice or didn't care since it's just a spam section. There are also double and triple posts that will throw off the number as well. That's why the number doesn't match to the posts.
  2. Answer a question with another question

    What if it's a tie?
  3. Positive Comment

    ^ Awesome profile pic & you're in one of the 2 best squads in KSI!
  4. Count to a Million

  5. Answer a question with another question

    How about both and right now? (I'm starving!)
  6. Positive Comment

    ^Awesome spammer
  7. Count to a Million

    12,704 Please don't make multiple posts or they'll be removed. Thank you.
  8. Count to a Million

    12,684 is where we are. I'm going by where the number started when I became section mod over this area of the forums. Thank you.
  9. Positive Comment

    ^Has a really cool sig! (Nooooooooooo Giant!!!!! I miss you!)
  10. First word in your Head (Do not remove)

  11. Three Word Game

    really mad and
  12. Answer a question with another question

    Why not have both?
  13. Count to a Million

    12,682 is the correct number guys.