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    All I do is play video games, some people say I got mods, other say Im a god at cod. I just play and play hard, but anyways I am consider a Pub Stomper and a Comp. Player so I won't back down. I plan to make anyone mad when they enter my lobby in COD.
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  1. Spirit Week 2015 Forums Challenge

    EF: Small but Strong!
  2. Sorry but due to some things I was told and heard from other parties, and talked to other people within KSI that have been closer to Unicron I am withdrawing my nomination from this topic.
  3. KSI TwsTDfisT 7 Committed Award (Awarded)

    I am here to witness for this award. I have known him ever since I have joined KSI, he has always had a gold membership and he has also had KSI in his gamertag at the same time
  4. KSI KING B3AR Committed Award (Awarded)

    Ok im sorry hope this is better I am here to witness for KSI King Bear committed award. I have known him my entire KSI history. He has had a gold xbl membership for a entire year. He has also had a KSI gt for a entire year.
  5. KSI KING B3AR Committed Award (Awarded)

    I can witness knew him my entire ksi history
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    She had to
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    The other side
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    Yea ik but its always fun also another good one would be 2v2 SND tournaments
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    Wide world and
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