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    All I do is play video games, some people say I got mods, other say Im a god at cod. I just play and play hard, but anyways I am consider a Pub Stomper and a Comp. Player so I won't back down. I plan to make anyone mad when they enter my lobby in COD.
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  1. Sorry but due to some things I was told and heard from other parties, and talked to other people within KSI that have been closer to Unicron I am withdrawing my nomination from this topic.
  2. I am here to witness for this award. I have known him ever since I have joined KSI, he has always had a gold membership and he has also had KSI in his gamertag at the same time
  3. Ok im sorry hope this is better I am here to witness for KSI King Bear committed award. I have known him my entire KSI history. He has had a gold xbl membership for a entire year. He has also had a KSI gt for a entire year.
  4. I can witness knew him my entire ksi history
  5. Yea ik but its always fun also another good one would be 2v2 SND tournaments
  6. A good tournament would be some good fashion 4v4 blitz some reasons why is because 1. It is a Esport game mode 2. It takes teamwork to stop the opposing team from scoring and allowing your team to score 3. Does take skill so we can see who would the best at blitz as a team 4. It will satisfy the competitive teams
  7. I can witness for this fellow, yes he has had a KSI gamer tag and gold for over a year. I first met him when I first joined KSI and remember the gamer tag
  8. Moderator or Generals Gamer Tag: KSI Death Hydra Division and Squad: FI Torque Division-/-Squad-/-Team you wish to Challenge?: Anyone Game Platform: Ghost Gametype-/-any special conditions: Normal Esport Rules and Core all the way So yea who gonna be the next victim to our HH team lets get this going!
  9. Let's hit this record Shout out from FI
  10. Gamertag KSI Death Hydra Team mates KSI Invisible 1 KSI Hippiematt KSI Docness 7 Division FI
  11. Happy Valentine day shout out to my awesome squad Velocity
  12. ​1. What is your age? 15 ​2.What is your gamer tag? KSI Death Hydra ​3. How long have you been in KSI? 6 Months ​4. Do you have any experience with WW or any online tournament? Yes ​5. If yes, what experience? I do a lot of WW tournaments and use to do online tournament before joining ​6. Have you had any experience running a tournament at all? Yes ​​7. If yes, what experience? I ran a couple for my home towns ​8. Have you ever had experience running a website?(admin, mod, etc) No ​9. If yes, what experience? ​10. What is your availability for tournaments and events? (days you are online, and how often you play) Im on everyday and play everyday ​11. What side of the department would you like to be on? Call of Duty or Halo? Both host tournaments for those games, but can host tournaments that are not mainstream? Call Of Duty Ghost 12. What console are you currently on?(this is directed towards people that have the xbox one, so if you are getting it soon after the release then post that you are getting it soon and the same goes with the PS4) Xbox 360 ​13. Being a staff member for T&E is not an easy job. You will be expected to work and have full dedication to help make Tournaments and Events a very efficient department in KSI and in the gaming community. Why would you like to become a staff member, and how would you contribute to this department?
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