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  1. DM Member Histories

    I was first recruited into KSI in April 2011 into Encore LS and changed my name to KSI Neo Storm within a month with KSI Double J as my general, KSI Equals 1CPT and KSI Greg954 (KSI Greg 7) as 2CPT.Eventually Double J was promoted to co-founder and Equals was my general. I found my home there and was made a 3 LT for my hard work and dedication after 1 month. LS then split into DM and Encore became Lethal, Rage was made from Encore Split with Julianime as General. Hellfire came across which eventually split into fatality. My home stayed with Encore/Lethal. KSI Greg 954Then it gets tricky as bills KSI splits with ours and when he is voted off by the board for a whole lot of Poop (lol). KSI Greg 954 was then made general with KSI Equals 7 at co-founder and KSI xDevilx 7 as founder. Life seemed okay. I worked myself up to 2CPT with KSI Lazers as 1CPT and KSI LOLMAN as 3CPT. I held this position for around 4 months as was settled in my squad. When there was talk of Greg becoming a Co-Founder, it then turned on who would take over lethal. (not to be arrogant) by with KSI Lazers not very active at the time and me with the most experience I was the obvious choice. However, when the KSI Greg 7 eventually became a Co-founder, KSI LOLMAN became general of Lethal. Me being unhappy with this choice asked for a transfer to where I may be needed. However, with the lack of experience LOLMAN couldn't handle the squad effectively (NOW dont start saying im picking on this guy. Im not he was a great guy and one of my closest friends at the time and if I was still in contact with him id tell him) and I was begged to come back to aid Lethal. I did and was made general pretty much straight away. I was general of Lethal for around 5 months and I loved every second of it. I was good at what I did and I loved all members of my squad. During all this KSI Greg 7 got promoted over Equals to Co-div and Equals left to bills KSI along with other member he poached from DM (But im not hear to tell that story, it was just a load of Poop) Eventually I brought my squad to its first split since Rage making Sinister DM (this squad wasn't much of a success and was not around long) and there was talk of my promotion to Co-founder, which I then became KSI Neuron 7. Withing a month I was made a founder due to the inactivity of our founder and KSI Greg 7 as division leader with KSI xDevilx 7 getting promoted to director . Then after another month I became a Co-division leader and that is where I was happiest. With Greg as my div leader and those below me, which I loved them all. I was a Co-div for around 3 months and I believe I was wrongly demoted, but I don't hold it against anyone, If it was what they thought was right I couldn't complain because I respected all my leaders.I then have been here and there, I come on the forums every now and then and have been member of some departments in the past. I have tried coming back to KSI but nothing would ever be the same son I have left the great memories in the past. But I am grateful to everyone for my time in KSI and wouldn't have changed it for the world. I joined KSI when I was 15 and it was the basis of my maturity. YOu all do a wonderful job and Keep u0p the good work for veterans like us and show us our time wasnt wasted in the past! :D
  2. Sex with me is like...

    Sex with me is like Coffee, lot of sugar and Cream Next word sun
  3. Fuzzymeeps KSI History (work in progress)

    Great stories guys :D dont think mine would be that interesting
  4. KSI L10N 7 Mutiple Awards (Awarded)

    I was general when this member first changed his gamertag in my squad lethal DM
  5. Suggestions for possible New Awards

    You can buy forum points with donations and you can also win the lottery
  6. KSI KING CEAZAR (Denied)

    We need 5 witnesses BY HIS MENTEES (Whatever you call them) If that is the Case committed = No, for now
  7. KSI Jupiter Awards (Awarded)

    Commited - Member has earned this Anniversary - Yes
  8. KSI Neuron 7 Award (Awarded)

    Name: KSI Neuron 7 Link to Forums Account: http://www.ksiforums.org/index.php?/user/220-ksi-neuron-7/ Award-/-Achievement: 1 year anniversary Reason-/-Evidence: I'm a boss ( Also been member since 30th September 2011

    If no-one gets nominated for that award, we can't hand it out... What doesn't make sence about that?
  10. KSI Squeek (Awarded)


    No-one nominates anyone for that award... Doesn't get handed out
  12. KSI KING CEAZAR (Denied)

    Commited - Has said member obtained a KSI Gold Gamertag for 1 whole year? OS - Yes Trainer - Yes Mentor - I have not read anywhere that anyone has actually claimed this member as THEIR mentor... So 0/5 witnesses
  13. KSI Camel 7 (Multi-award) (Awarded)

    Trainer - Yes KSI Mentor - 1/5 OS Lv1 - One more witness statement from another superior (Perhaps Luci?) and I'm happy

    U have already been nominated for that award... Please don't make multi topics