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  1. Sex with me is like...

    Sex with me is like Coffee, lot of sugar and Cream Next word sun
  2. KSI L10N 7 Mutiple Awards (Awarded)

    I was general when this member first changed his gamertag in my squad lethal DM
  3. Suggestions for possible New Awards

    You can buy forum points with donations and you can also win the lottery
  4. KSI KING CEAZAR (Denied)

    We need 5 witnesses BY HIS MENTEES (Whatever you call them) If that is the Case committed = No, for now
  5. KSI Jupiter Awards (Awarded)

    Commited - Member has earned this Anniversary - Yes
  6. KSI Neuron 7 Award (Awarded)

    Name: KSI Neuron 7 Link to Forums Account: http://www.ksiforums.org/index.php?/user/220-ksi-neuron-7/ Award-/-Achievement: 1 year anniversary Reason-/-Evidence: I'm a boss ( Also been member since 30th September 2011

    If no-one gets nominated for that award, we can't hand it out... What doesn't make sence about that?
  8. KSI Squeek (Awarded)


    No-one nominates anyone for that award... Doesn't get handed out
  10. KSI KING CEAZAR (Denied)

    Commited - Has said member obtained a KSI Gold Gamertag for 1 whole year? OS - Yes Trainer - Yes Mentor - I have not read anywhere that anyone has actually claimed this member as THEIR mentor... So 0/5 witnesses
  11. KSI Camel 7 (Multi-award) (Awarded)

    Trainer - Yes KSI Mentor - 1/5 OS Lv1 - One more witness statement from another superior (Perhaps Luci?) and I'm happy

    U have already been nominated for that award... Please don't make multi topics
  13. RAGE DM Awards (and others) (Awarded)

    Keffren... Wait for the nomination forms come out for of the months before your attempt to get them award. I witness to all the team awards for this squad Pichu's Gamerscore Hoarder - Member on my friends list and can verify I also witness to Keffren's member assistance award as she has been a prominent factor in the ressurection of the Rage squad after most leadership had demolished within the squad.
  14. KSI Christ 77 multi awards (Denied)

    you already have Drama queen OS Gold - Witnesses Trainer and Master Recruiter - Witnesses from superiors