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  1. I am back on the news team, I would like to reach out again to tourneys and events. If there is anything going on in tourneys and events, I will provide news coverage asap and I'm sure productions would be willing to collaborate with it. So, please, if anything is going on in tourneys and events, if you would tell us on news team so we can cover it for KSI News.
  2. Hello, I hope that your project leader does not mind me posting this thread. The purpose of this thread is to reach out as far as I possibly can to everybody in projects. If there is something that is going on in your department that you need advertisement of or is newsworthy, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am here for each and every project in KSI equally. If you request news coverage, your request will be fulfilled ASAP. You will also have the opportunity to review over the materials before publishing. We can also, if you prefer, ask GFX and Productions for media to be included wit
  3. Twahl chose an attention grabbing topic that took our nation by surprise. Not only the commenters visited the article, but many others did (it just doesn't reflect on the article page) and everybody knows what occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary and went to this article and some left their condolences as a gaming community when games were one of the first things that's being blamed for this tragic event. Twahl did an outstanding job choosing this article, writing this article, and publishing this article for KSI. He's a great asset to have and rightfully deserves to be awarded the Beat Reporter
  4. ...What about a Happy Wars tourney... Everybody with an XBox has that... It's a free universal game.
  5. I lead the news team, and that isn't solid evidence. He has not finished contributing even his first article to KSI ( you can go check www.ksiglobal.org .) It's still sitting in the News Room for him to get back which he said he would get back to on November 12, 2012, but he has not yet and it's November 18, 2012 now. For the Academic Support Center (I co-lead), he has contributed by volunteering to help out a math major.
  6. Also bright idea -- edited into the first post.
  7. Name: KSIxly -- Outcast-Shadow Haven Link to Forums Account: http://www.ksiforums...er/3602-xlying/ Award-/-Achievement: Most Outstanding/Outstanding Service/Bright Idea Reason-/-Evidence: He created the Academic Support Center.
  8. Name: Sungazer's Wife Link to Forums Account: http://www.ksiforums.org/index.php?/user/287-sungazers-wife/ Award-/-Achievement: One Year Anniversary Reason-/-Evidence: According to a message I have just recieved alongside my profile, I have officially been here for one year.
  9. What about a tournament for us who do webops?
  10. i never see you online anymore:(

  11. Welcome to the forums Sungazer's Wife :)

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