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  1. FI FC 2018 Div HoF Nomination Thread

    Division: Forced Induction Gamertag: @KSI BLICKY 7 Link to Profile: Qualifications: Nominee’s Current Rank: Co-Founder Has Nominee been in this division for at least six (6) months?Yes Has Nominee been in KSI for at least one (1) year?Yea Awards: https://imgur.com/a/zO7EfNv Has Nominee been awarded Outstanding Service Level 1? Please list other awards this member has received: Testimony: Blicky is one of the biggest key players to the stability and positive moral within FI. He constantly will/is going above and beyond without hesitating or needing to be asked. He has helped coach a squad on the verge of dying to come back to life and have a close strong. Group of people who have doubles their size in only a month. He always makes time for the members that have questions even if he’s not assigned to their squad. He’s a true example of what we in FI strive to be. The Division wouldn’t be the same without him here. Why does this member belong in your division’s Hall of Fame? Blicky has been one of, if not the biggest part of the revitalization of FI and the stability within the Division. You can approach almost any member here and they’ll have something positive to say about how this guys helped them in one way or another. He’s gone above and beyond in the terms of a Division Leader from training new members, mentoring generals and officers all around the Division not just the squads he is over. He has set a very high standard for future and the current leaders. If anyone should be in the HoF for FI Blicky is that person as stated already exemplifies what it means to be a Division Leader and have pride not only in FI but for all of KSI.
  2. KSI Kerffufle Committed

    I can attest member has completed requirements for this achievement .
  3. So You Think You Can Write - September 2018

    Top 3 pieces of advice you wish you’d gotten when you were recruited into KSI.” • Original recruit date: 2/16/16 • 1st piece of advice: Take things slow and enjoy your time with everyone. • 2nd piece of advice: Take advantage of the Education program, they help not just for KSI things. • 3rd piece of advice: Don’t take advantage of the time you have with the people you meet here. We all know sometimes people just go dark. Is the unfortunate reality of the gaming world.
  4. KSI Blicky 7- OS 1&2 Nomination

    Sorry rushed at work one moment.
  5. KSI Blicky 7- OS 1&2 Nomination

    Name: KSI Blicky 7Link to Forums Account: @KSI BLICKY 7Award-/-Achievement: Outstanding Service level 1&2Reason-/-Evidence It would be much more difficult to give reasons to why this guy doesn’t deserve these acclimation, but that’s not what is asked. Blicky is one of the most dedicated people I have met in KSI when it comes to helping out members of any rank/squad/div or not even in KSI but looking to join. He has countless times sacrificed sleep to stay and help a member in need. While working Graveyard shifts, AND having a Newborn he still manages to finds times (somehow still sleeping) in the day to play games with members. His friendship and loyalty only feeds the people around him to be better and do better. He brings the Moral of anyone near up. He strives to be a great example to all members by exemplifying the KNOWLEDGE aspect of ksi as much as he can. His constant support of all members new and old only shows and exemplifies the STRENGTH aspect of KSI. Many times has Blicky been faced with adversity, he has always prevailed stronger than he started, Being a key example of the STRENGTH in KSI. He’s always strives to help build others up with the STRENGTH he has built in himself, not necessarily just KSI related but life related in general. He has been a support system for all members in FI including myself. Blicky is one person I can always count on to uphold the rules in KSI and is always striving to show outstanding INTEGRITY and teach other members how to properly show the KSI pride we all have. He is an outstanding teacher to all the newer members and even returning veteran ones who are out of the loop with some of the newer aspects of KSI. He prides himself in keeping all information to be readily available to all members. He is going to go places here in KSI. I don’t know of any other person more deserving of these awards than Blicky.

    ^lol this needs to be your motto

  7. Multi Nomination

    I will witness for both Rockdogg and Katy for members assistance. On more than one occasion have I seen both of these two go and assist newer members especially find answers to any question they may have had.
  8. Self nomination

    I can verify the member he had a KSI tag for over 1 year with active gold.
  9. KSI MetalBarbie Multiple Nominations

    Die hard/MadMax: I will witness and attest two both of these nominations. I as Division Leader here in FI will say the title of Die Hard should be stamped on her forhead. Many times has this member stayed up at all hours of the night to help any member in need, she has constantly sacrificed personal life to ensure her members have any information they need. She is a true example of how a member can have Pride for KSI beyond normal understanding. When her squad got hit by XDG and poached about 11 members it was majority of her effort that help secure the faith to other members that everything would be okay. for the mad max nomination, if you’ve ever had a discussion with her any longer than 10min you’d fully understand the insanity that has taken over her head. The constant drive to do better and make better experience for her members has made her bonkers.her love for KSI has surpassed her love for sanity. The drive to be able to assist all members and the studying of all this KSI has drove her insane. I’ve personally seen her have a breakdown(minor) when the attack of her squad from XDG was happening because she just was trying to figure out how to help and was just overloaded. She if anyone deserves that safe place to run to where banging head off the wall won’t hurt.
  10. KSI Negan 7 Self Nomination

    As Division Leader of FI, I can witness and attest to the claims above being true.
  11. Name: KSI Silence 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Silence 7 Award-/-Achievement: Novice/Pro recruiter Reason-/-Evidence: Have personally recruited 35+ members and have assisted with well over 50+ recruits. Name: KSI Silence 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Silence 7 Award-/-Achievement: Friendly/Approachable Reason-/-Evidence: I have 7 “won the day” on the forums Name: KSI Silence 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Silence 7 Award-/-Achievement: Pave The Way Reason-/-Evidence: have Nominated 15 plus members for AAP awards.
  12. June 2018 OTM nominations!

    KSI Negan 7- Founder-Forced Induction @KSI NEGAN 7 - Negan with out a doubt is a key factor to the stability of FI, he’s been a great second in command and I know the punctuality is a strong suit of his. If he tells you he’s gonna do something it gets done. He takes time to reach out to members to just say hi or help them with any questions. KSI Blicky 7–CoFounder- Forced Induction @KSI BLICKY 7 Blicky has blossomed into a spectacular leader especially here in the past few months after taking upon the CoFo position. This man is always trying to make sure everyone having fun. He’s gone above and beyond the average leader and strives only to become better. This kid has a very bright future here in KSI and is a leader to watch for. KSI Tobias-General-Enforcer- Forced Induction @KSI Tobias - Tobias had been the heart and soul of Enforcer and through tough times of inactivity always ensured his members were involved in as much as possible. Tobias strives to learn and make sure he can help his people as best as possible. I’ve watched this man grow from a good leader into a great leader. KSI Rockdogg-Captain-Enforcer-Forced induction. @KSI ROCKDOGG oh boy, this dude it’s hard to put in words the drive and ambition this man has. He not only had been making sure all his members in the squad feel involved with game nights, he’s bought a few name changes. He also has been helping refer recruit to a fellow squad that recently took a hit from XDG poaching. He was never asked to help that squad he did it on his own compassion to make sure the division as a whole is better off. Lt- KSI xLilDuckyx - Ducky has grown tremendously in the past few months. His drive to do better and learn from his leaders is amazing. He try’s to take the time to know all his members and help educate them on new things. Ducky has a great potential and I see him going places. Member- Department member- Gamertag: KSI GreendayFox- @KSI GreendayFox what can I tell you about green day. This girl is a prime source of information about almost anything going on with upcoming events and any new things. She is always there to help any member with navigating the forums and department areas especially for WW sign up and was a major help keeping everyone informed of events for Spirit Week. She’s also a CDC member on top of being a captain in her squad. Senior Leader- KSI VeRiiTaS 7- Senior Director Riita has always since I met him been someone I’ve been able to go to for guidance. He’s never too busy to take a few minute to just listen. And help with any issue no matter how small. He’s been a great influence to many and will be to many more.
  13. SW: Donors Event - Uno (6/24/18)

    GamerTag: KSI Silence 7 Squad/Division: All/Forced Induction Will not be at my Xbox, if need me discord: KSI Silence 7#2416
  14. SW: Destiny 2 - 4v4 Control (6/23/18)

    Team Captain: KSI Kerfluffle Squad/Division: Hellcat/FI Teammate: KSI ROCKDOGG Squad/Division: Enforcer/FI Teammate: KSI GreendayFox Squad/Division: hellcat/FI Teammate: AriesKiller90 Squad/Division:Enforcer/FI Alternate 1: KSI Negan 7 Squad/Division: All/FI
  15. SW: CoD WWII - 4v4 TDM (6/23/18)

    Team Captain: KSI Cable Squad/Division: Hellcat/FI Teammate: KSI Fadez 7 Squad/Division: Stryker/FI Teammate:KSI xLilDuckyx Squad/Division: Velocity/FI Teammate: KSI Kommandant Squad/Division: Hellcat/FI Alt 1: KSI Airborne 7 squad/Division: Stryker/Velocity-FI Team Two: Team Captain: KSI Deathren Squad/Division: Stryker/FI Teammate: KSI AceStrkr25 Squad/Division: Velocity/FI Teammate: KSI Forgott3n Squad/Division: Velocity/FI Teammate: KSI Chocstarfsh Squad/Division: Enforcer/FI