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  1. Call of Duty - World War II: HH Roster Signups

    Team Name: Division: Forced Induction Team Manager: KSI Negan 7 & KSI Fireheart 7 Team Captain: KSI Sarin Team members by rank: KSI Sarin KSI XxPrimexX RapidComboGod KSI Cable KSIxR3JECT3D Team Alternates: KSI AceStriker Taper34
  2. Clan-Ops Workshop Redesign

    Beautifully pieced together m8. Let me know if you need any help creating these workshops or anything along that line. I've written a few Policies/Procedural/Training Manuel for work.
  3. Rocket League Season?

    @ASM ImPyyy we should have the link to this thread above the Shout Box so more can see it, also bring it up in the next Happy Hour.
  4. Human Resources Team Chat

    Any thoughts on when we are starting the workshops? I'm excited to start educating the masses.
  5. Human Resources Team Chat

    I'm scared, they offered me candy. Will you protect me from these scary men.
  6. HR Workshop Ideas/Suggestions

    I also believe a workshop in proper ways to host game nights as i have been to a few that were to say the least not fun, chaotic and unappealing to non KSI members and a misrepresentation of what/how KSI truly is
  7. Rocket League Season?

    KSI Silence 7 Forced Induction CoFo
  8. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2017!!! Open Til 6/22 8pm est

    Can't spell first without FI have a great week everyone
  9. Spirit Week Shout out/200th poster Wins a Prize

    Shout out to @VeRiiDaD, @KSI UNDERDOGG, @KSI night halk, @AYELOVES 7 For being hand down some of the best people I've met here in KSI and always drove me to do hard work. Shout out to all the BOD on making Spirit Week happen and shout out to all the members who make this community such a welcoming home to everyone
  10. KSI Th3 Sil3nc3 new Signature Request

    Would it be possible in lower left corner to put Court Judge?
  11. KSI Th3 Sil3nc3 new Signature Request

  12. KSI Th3 Sil3nc3 new Signature Request

  13. Xbox One X

    I agree, unless a crazy cyber Monday deal happens then ill wait. I should prolly buy a 4k TV first lmfao
  14. KSI Th3 Sil3nc3 new Signature Request

  15. KSI Th3 Sil3nc3 new Signature Request