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  1. Hey just came to follow you and let you know you are a beauty! Truly love you Lei boo :*

    1. KSI Spiffy

      KSI Spiffy

      Damn it showed up on my profile too lol

  2. You're old. Have a good day. 


  3. So You Think You Can Write: Gamertags!

    Freya, the fearless Norse goddess. Such big shoes for a mere mortal to step in. I wanted to pick a name that represents me, my personality and who I want to be. Who better than such an amazing goddess? My mother always told me to be proud, to be kind, to be feared and to be loved. She told me to be the best and to make a name for myself everywhere I go. Not to let anyone tell me how to live my life and who to be. What better way to live your life? After Joining KSI I went through a few names, and every single one of them has been remembered, and people have heard of me, but I wanted a name that represented just that. Freya translates to Lady, and she was just that, but she was also one of the most bad ass goddesses ever. She is the goddess of beauty, sexuality and fertility, but she was also the goddess of sorcery, war and death. She was the definition of being loved and feared to a T. She also travels in a chariot pulled by cats. I think we can all agree that Freya is a great roll model and that's what I want to be and how I want to be represented. I wanted to make a name for myself, and I wont give up until I do just that.
  4. Sex with me is like...

    Sex with me is like mushrooms, i thrive in the dark. Next word: wax
  5. Is Water wet?

    And oxygen slowly burns us alive.
  6. Its starting to feel a lot like christmas!

  7. You all make my heart smile. 

    1. KSI I'M NOT HERE 7

      KSI I'M NOT HERE 7

      awesome glad to hear that :) 

  8. Um... Hi! 

    Okay. Bye. 

  9. Hee hee youre a poo head

  10. Is Water wet?

  11. You're all talk. But whats the fun of that? 

  12. Is Water wet?

    Scientifically water is not wet.
  13. Is Water wet?

    But back to the original topic, is water wet?
  14. Is Water wet?

    Incorrect. You carry liquid. You are not wet.
  15. Is Water wet?

    Well... Yes. Lmao But scientifically speaking on the original matter, if you completely submerge yourself in water, are you wet?