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    Gaming of course! but also, motorcycles, computers, science (esp biology) movies, music, hiking, fishing, fine cigars and good scotch lol the usual stuff ;P
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  1. KSI EzeD24 - Committed - Self Nom

    Name: KSI EzeD24 Link to Forums Account: @EzeD24 Award-/-Achievement: Committed Reason-/-Evidence: I've been on the Xbox Live Gold gamertag KSI EzeD24 and I've been in the community for over twelve consecutive months. Thanks, @KSIxROMEO 7 for witnessing.
  2. Name: KSI EzeD24 Link to Forums Account: @EzeD24 Award-/-Achievement: Gamerscore Hoarder Reason-/-Evidence: Gamerscore of 29282 and on a KSI prefix tag.
  3. KSI EzeD24 - Twitch Sub - Self Nom.

    Name: KSI EzeD24 Link to Forums Account: @EzeD24 Award-/-Achievement: Twitch Sub Reason-/-Evidence: I currently subscribe to KSILive's Twitch channel. Please see screenshot below.
  4. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2019!!!!!!!

    DM 4 LIFE!!!
  5. So You Think You Can Write - June 2019

    Gamer Tag: KSI EzeD24 Division: Demonic Mayhem My dinner party: Guest #1: Terry Goodkind Why: This man is, in my humble opinion, one of the best authors of our time. His book series "The Sword of Truth" is rich with compelling story telling that draws you into the tale, truly making you feel like you are a part of the world he has created. His characters have a depth of relatability that is severely lacking in so many stories these days, each one having real and human strengths and flaws. To have a chance to pick his brain about where he drew his inspiration for the characters he developed and the story he told would be amazing. I named my youngest daughter after one of his characters, Kahlan, from Kahlan Amnell in the books. Her character is strong of will, hardworking, and honest. Qualities I hope my daughter will uphold in her own life. Guest #2: Jesus Why: The simplest answer is, the proverbial horses mouth. I am not a religious person by any means. An oportunity to hear this man tell the stories himself would be incredible, none the less. To hear how things really went down, what actually happened in his life, what he did during those missing years the bible has left out, would be nothing short of awesome. Who among us does not have at least some questions for a man of Jesus fame?! Guest #3: Mel Brookes Why: The man who made some of the funniest movies I have ever seen. Movies that have withstood the test of time, challenging stereo-types, and politics while remaining hilarious. His movies brought laughter to so many while still having a depth of undertone that made you think. Chatting with such a man would no doubt be a riot of a good time, rife with quick witted humor while still being richly intelligent. He would bring a levity to the table that would keep the conversations rolling and the smiles on faces of all who attended. Guest #4: Nikola Tesla Why: A brilliant inventor, a futurist, and the man behind AC (alternating current) power generation and transmission technology. His most well know invention is the Tesla Coil, seen in so many mad scientist labs. Not many realize he did so much more for the world we live in today. Wireless transmission of power and radio signals was just a couple of the things he had a huge part in. Conversations with a man such as this would be the best. As someone who has always loved tinkering with electronics, I would love to pick his brain even for a few minutes. I would also love to see what he thinks about modern tech and the strides it has taken largely in thanks to his work. Guest #5: Johnny Depp Why: He is one of the most diverse actors to grace the screen. His range of characters and his ability to play anything from Serious drama, to deranged sociopath, to goofy oddball has always peaked my interest. I have thoroughly enjoyed following his screen career. On top of being such an amazing actor he is a bit mysterious in real life which just feeds my desire to know more about the man behind the characters he portrays. The added bonus fact that he is a generally nice person, going so far as to randomly visit childrens hospitals dressed as Jack Sparrow, without ever seeking the attention from the media about it, fuels the intrigue. Hanging out with him just seems like it would be a stellar time, laid back sipping some bourbon and hearing tales of his life. Guest #6: Dan Harmon Why: He is co-creator and primary idea source behind one of my all time favorite animated shows, Rick and Morty. He was also a main stay in the comedy troupe, The Dead Alewives, which was a favorite lesser known group of mine. The show Rick and Morty on the surface seems simple and laudable at best but the underlying tone of existentialism is compelling. I would love to hear his creative drive behind the show as well as his own thoughts on existentialism. He just generally seems like the kind of guy who would have a quirky life view and that interests me. Guest #7: KSI AWOL Why: As someone who I have had the pleasure of getting to know throughout my time in KSI, someone I now consider amongst my truest and closest friends, I would assuredly enjoy breaking bread with him. His consistent drive to fact check and seek out the truth is always inspiring. Also as a fellow Rick and Morty fan I believe he too would enjoy meeting Dan Harmon. I also believe he would be an asset to any conversation with the fellows I have listed above as he brings a lot to any table in the form of good solid chat.
  6. KSI WHISKEY82 Outstanding Service Level 1

    There is a lot to be said about KSI WHISKEY82... the man, the myth and the legend as it were... He has donated a tremendous amount of his personal time to KSI, to DM, and to our squad. Many who know him know that it has been a rocky road for him in KSI, but all who know him know about his dedication to both his own personal growth and to the squads well being. He is always striving towards strengthening our squad as he is a superior recruiter, ensuring our squad is filled with quality folks above all else. He has gone above and beyond when it comes to training, ensuring all of his fellow officers are comfortable in all aspects of recruitment and training of new recruits. His promotion to 1CPT was something I personally recommended to our general, as Whiskey has time and again proven his worth not only to our squad but to KSI as a whole. I truly feel that, given the chance, he will make a great general himself and has every potential to go even higher.
  7. May 2019 Of the Month Awards

    GEN Gamer tag (rank, division/squad): KSI AWOL (GEN DM/Discord) Link to forums account: @KSI AWOL Reason why they deserve this : AWOL deserves this for so many reasons.The first and foremost is his dedication to the squad and to KSI as a whole. He works tirelessly to maintain the squad in all aspects. He is always courteous and maintains an open mind when ever he is confronted with the many situations that arise within the squad. Through it all he still finds the time to help anyone in game and out. He goes above and beyond in making sure his squadmates are ok even in rl. He is truly an exemplary leader within KSI. He is almost always readily available for a chat and brings a level head to any encounter. As a GEN he has continued beyond simply bringing Discord squad back from the brink of implosion, and pushed it to strengthen the bonds of his fellow squad memebers and stimulate strong and healthy growth. CPT Gamer tag (rank, division/squad): KSI WHISKEY82 (3CPT DM/Discord) Link to forums account: @KSI WHISKEY Reason they deserve this: Whiskey is a driving force within Discord squad. He continues to promote steady growth while at the same time fostering and assisting every new recruit. He is always down to have some plain ol gaming fun or help a squadmate in need. He continues to bring fresh and innovative ideas to KSI while strongly sticking to the core value of "no member left behind". His recruiting skills are exemplary and he has done an amazing job in assuring that every officer (myself included) is comfortable and capable to do all the necccesary tasks we have as officers. I truly believe he will make an excellent GEN one day. LT Gamer tag (rank, division/squad): KSI Sgt Peppers (2LT DM/Discord) Link to forums account : @KSI Sgt Peppers Reason they deserve this: Peppers has risen to power house levels in short order and in the best of ways. She took to the officer roll with a professionalism and vigor that inspires. She is always quick to tasks and has shown an incredible skill for getting ahold of folks where others may have had trouble doing so. She is timely and excellent with handling promotions and trainings. She is eager to help whenever help is needed. She is a joy to game with and is an amazingly unique person who knows how to laugh and make others laugh. Her generosity is something wonderful, going above and beyond in helping out a fellow gamer in need. She did so without request and sought no reward for it, she helped out simply for the sake of helping. Selfless and friendly, she has been an amazing addition to Discords officer ranks and I look forward to seeing how far she goes, as I truly believe she will continue to be an inspiration to her fellow kSI members. MEMBER Gamer tag (rank, division/squad): infinityhunt (cpl, DM/Discord) Link to forums account: @Infinityhunt Reason this member deserves this: infinity is one of the greatest members a squad could ask for. He truly shines as a gamer, friend and companion in arms. He is very active within the squad as well as in KSI as a whole, taking part in HH and WW, and still continues to exemplify the KSI moto of "no gamer left behind" as he constantly jumps to arms to assist a fellow gamer in a difficult boss fight or to make the final push to progress further in game. He is quick witted and brings a great personailty to any game night. His flair for life is infectious and his passion for gaming burns bright.
  8. Spring Break Forums Challenge

    DM for LIFE!!!
  9. March 2019 OTM Nominations!

    General: KSI AWOL General DM Discord @KSI AWOL This man has faught hard to bring our squad back from the brink. His amazing personality, friendly disposition and over all ability to motivate the officers and entire squad, has created an incredible group of people to have a good time with while gaming. He is always willing to help anyone in almost any game without a second thought. He embodies the KSI moto in everything he does for his squad and fellow gamers. Always very timely in answering any questions brought to him and if he does not have the answers he gets them. Captain: KSI WHISKEY82 3CPT DM Discord @KSI WHISKEY Hard working, and quick to task. He inspires the troops to have fun, always bringing an awesome personality to any game night or party. He is driven and motivated to make the squad the best it can be and more. He has been an integral part of the squads return to glory. His after hours work training and assisting our newer officers has made our ranks some of the best recruiters around. Always ready to jump in and lend his guns to a battle, he embodies the KSI CoC and takes pride in never leaving a fellow member behind. LT: KSI Trixie 1LT DM Discord @Trixie She has become a power recruiter, professional and hsrd working. She is quick to jump in and train new members and has a drive that is inspiring. She is by and far the funnest person to game with, her laughter is infectious and she is always the most courteous gamer. She is an exemplary officer and member of KSI. Her demeanor inspires, and her ability to find quality recruits is impecable. Very rarely does an individual make others want to be not just better members but better people in rl as well but she does just that, simply by being an amazing person despite hardships. She is an inspiration and in my opinion one of the best members in all of KSI. Member: infinityhunt CPL DM Discord @Infinityhunt He is the ideal when I think of KSI and never leaving a fellow gamer behind. He is always a bright point in party chats, easy going and friendly. He is always ready to jump in and lend his gun and gaming skills to aid his fellow gamers progress in games. He is knowledgeable in the games he plays to the point of being able to assist in even the most puzzling of missions and quests. He is exactly what KSI means to me and so many others. He is the foubdation of what KSI is and represents in the gaming community as a whole.
  10. Of The Years 2018! - Nominations (Closing 12/16)

    Category: Captain Gamer Tag: KSI AWOL / @KSI AWOL Forums Acct link: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/41507-ksi-awol/ Reason they deserve this award: KSI AWOL deserves this award and many others, if I am being honest. He has been the rock of our squad through thick and thin. Ever helpful and almost always available no matter what time of day or night. He is endlessly positive even when the worlds gone crazy. His patients is unending. If he cannot answer a question himself, he will find the answer. He is constantly going above and beyond in regards to helping anyone, even folks from other squads, whether in game or with squad related issues. In all of KSI, he has been the one person I know I can rely on for almost anything, from help with a difficult stage in a game, to idle convo, or even simply a friendly voice in general. He is a continued example of what KSI is about and what gaming is for all of us.
  11. Turkey Bowl 2018 Poll

  12. Fall Classic 2018 Forums Challenge

    DM all the way!!!!
  13. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2018!!!!!

    DM Rules!!! Yall others drool!!