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  1. KSI VENUM 7 Signature

    I cannot use either of these images due to the watermarks on them, sadly. Would it be alright to do my own search for a heartagram to find something similar? @VENUM 7
  2. KSIXTHISTY gamer pic request

    is this from a specific game? I might try to find some larger images to use if thats okay @KSIxThisty
  3. Graphics request

    I hope you like it! @Ksi Lenoir

    I hope this is okay for you! @KSI POWERGAMER
  5. First Gamer pic

    ayy I apologize for the delay, I took the liberty of fixing the text and taking out the '1st Captain' so you're free to use whichever version you prefer! thanks for your patience @KSI Countryman
  6. First Gamer pic

    Oh snap! I can fix that sorry haha. I'll have it done first thing tomorrow
  7. First Gamer pic

    Hope you like it! @KSI Countryman
  8. Graphics request


    I prefer not to edit anyone else's work but I'm confident I could create something similar myself with the colour you're requesting. Would that be okay?
  10. First Gamer pic

    could i bother you for some different images to use please? Reason being the two larger images cannot be used (they have watermarks meaning it is not a free stock image) the other smaller ones are a bit small. The canvas used for gamer pics are 1080x1080 pixels. If i blew the images up they would lose their quality. I've tried to locate similar images through a quick search and most good sized ones have watermarks. is there perhaps another theme you'd like?
  11. Unrelated

    According to graphics section rules: In order to make a request you must have at least 20 non-spam posts on the forums and requests -must- be KSI related. Unfortunately the Design team will not accept this request and it will be declined. In the future please review the rules Found here before making a request. Thanks!
  12. KSI STARGATE V Xbox pic

    I hope you like it! Click here! @ksi stargate
  13. KSI True 77 Gamer Picture Request

    ahh hello! I hope this is okay for you~ Click here :3
  14. Spirit Week 2015 Forums Challenge

    I hope everyone has a fantastic spirit week this year. Good luck to all the divs
  15. We're Hiring!

    I would like to return to forums staff. I'm well aware of my inactivity for quite some time, however since I am no longer in a horribly -active- role in clan ops (bar being IA Co-head) I feel like I would have plenty of time to be active in Web ops. I'm not going to give any excuses for prior inactivity but I can say things are quiet enough now that I can function as a proper moderator. ...And it saves you from having to train a new person. Lol. Current tag is KSI Oni 7 consoles: 360 and Xbone Skype: (you guys have my Skype, I'd prefer not to post it publicly if possible)