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Happy Hour 8/10/18: WW2 7s vs. Members. Members Team Sign ups

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Hey all on Friday August 10th at 10PM EST Happy Hour will be doing something different. Instead we are inviting y’all to sign up and reserve your seats in Happy Hour: WW2 7s vs Members. This topic is for the members who would like to sign up and play. In order to play for the members team you must be any rank from PVT-GEN  in clan ops or a Member of a Department in KSI. 


If you want to sign up for the 7s team visit this link:

Depending on how many sign ups there are, we might have to alternate ever few games, please keep that in mind. 


Any questions, or comments feel free to PM me on forums or my gamertag: KSI Bane


Fill out this form if interested in playing 





**Sign ups will close exactly 1 hour before Happy Hour Starts**


Happy Hour is live on

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