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Not sure what creating a club can do so I figure I'd make one. Chill, post and play. Socializing is what clubs are about so feel free to join! Accept the movement. Be the movement. #WeOutHere
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  2. KSI AphroRhys Fu2eArt, Thank You Toad, The Mighty L, Please Camp Me Raijin
  3. KSI MoonRev KSI P3acinBrov2 KSI Mammoth, KSI ShadowNick, UnoWhi Osiris
  4. Format Team Captian GT: Other Players GT: Two New Recruits GT: Your Least Favorite God
  5. This is the place to Spam stuff. So feel free (C.o.C. still applies)
  6. Write about your best and worst experiences involving those above. If you don't have one then still vote!

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