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  1. why you stalking bro?

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      Roolllll tiiiide

      game yesterday sucked

  2. ​1. What is your age? 17 ​2.What is your gamer tag? KSI Icy Killer ​3. How long have you been in KSI? about 6 months ​4. Do you have any experience with WW or any online tournament? no ​5. If yes, what experience? ​6. Have you had any experience running a tournament at all? no ​​7. If yes, what experience? ​8. Have you ever had experience running a website?(admin, mod, etc) no ​9. If yes, what experience? ​10. What is your availability for tournaments and events? (days you are online, and how often you play) Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday I'm on all day mostly on these days also anytime be for 7 Central time on Saturday as well ​11. What side of the department would you like to be on? Call of Duty or Halo? Both host tournaments for those games, but can host tournaments that are not mainstream? I play both but I'd like to be on the Call of duty side 12. What console are you currently on?(this is directed towards people that have the xbox one, so if you are getting it soon after the release then post that you are getting it soon and the same goes with the PS4) Xbox 360 ​13. Being a staff member for T&E is not an easy job. You will be expected to work and have full dedication to help make Tournaments and Events a very efficient department in KSI and in the gaming community. Why would you like to become a staff member, and how would you contribute to this department? I'd like to be a staff member because I like KSI and I would like to help you guys out any way I can and this seems to be what I can learn to be good at. I will contribute to this department by being dedicated to doing the work you assign I will get it done asap. I'd like to help members with the website anyway I can. I would like to Hold tourneys for other members to enjoy.
  3. Welcome to the forums KSI Camp Nation :)

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