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  1. Name: KSI Airborne 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Airborne 7 Award-/-Achievement: Destiny in place of Halloween Spirit as I already have it Reason-/-Evidence: sent screenshot to the AAP
  2. Welcome to the 2021 Costume Party! This is our second attempt at a special community event during the month of October. Members will have an opportunity to share their Halloween costumes, cosplays, etc (CoC Applies, a G String is not a costume, sorry @KSI xKing 77). Costumes of member's Pets and/or Family will also be allowed should you prefer. Any and all who participate will receive the Costume Party 2021 Forums Award, and we may have additional prizes depending on participation. Members will be able to submit from 10/8 until 10/29. Member Submissions will be sent to myself on Discord. My Discord contact info is: Airborne 7 #8959 Please send me everything in the following format, and then also post on this topic saying that you sent me a submission, so I can keep track of who gets the forum award as well. PLEASE FILL OUT THE ENTIRE FORM HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Member's Gamertag: Division/Squad/Departments You Represent: Description of Costume (Whether it's from a movie, show, book, or whether it's something completely original. Tell us what your costume is so that we aren't guessing incorrectly): (Yes/No)Whether or not You want any submitted pictures possibly shared for KSI Social Media:
  3. My favorite thing about the site is just being able to get on and explore, even the graveyard area when you need some nostalgia. Can always find interesting bits when you dig around.
  4. Name: KSI Airborne 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Airborne 7 Award-/-Achievement: achievement noob, achievement hunter Reason-/-Evidence: sending in AAP staff chat, have went up over 1000 gamerscore this month
  5. Name: KSI Airborne 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Airborne 7 Award-/-Achievement: Madden (Already have United We Stand) Reason-/-Evidence: Sent in the AAP chat
  6. Name: KSI Airborne 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Airborne 7 Award-/-Achievement: Squad Builder Reason-/-Evidence: During the old Squad Splitter award, when a member count was needed, I applied and received the award with information that showed a growth of 40 within 2 months. Here is the prior nomination in question
  7. Name: KSI Airborne 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Airborne 7 Award-/-Achievement: Dept. Hall of Fame (AAP) Reason-/-Evidence: I took over as Department Head of the AAP in a time when the AAP was on a downward spiral, moving from Head Court Judge. I was Dept Head for the AAP for over a year and in that time restructured or reissued several programs that either are still running, or were the base for a currently running program. I'm not going to really to go into crazy detail any farther, as I know there are some people that could comment so any information doesn't it all come from myself. @KSI Starset 7 @KSI RiiOT 7 @KSI DC 77
  8. As of August 2021, we now are using Arma as our new merchandise vendor. When shopping, make sure to use the code KSIGaming for 10% off of your order. If you have any merchandise questions or issues, please reach out to myself either here on the forums or Discord. Store link below: https://arma.gg/collections/ksi
  9. Award: Basic Evidence: Participation thread in AAP staff area These members have participated in 2 consecutive Blitzes, at least the ones that do not already have this award @KSI Barb 7 @Kakashii 77 @KSI Lilith 7 @Loyalty Paradox @KSIShatner 7
  10. With a new Madden coming out this month, I'd like to put out this thread for anyone interested in playing in a franchise. If you want in, please post and hit me up on discord. Would like to get as many teams in this franchise as possible. Looking forward to the competition.
  11. I can confirm he was in KSI at that time with a KSI gold tag. I still call the guy Acestrkr even though he hasn't been that in a while. I do not believe he has had any breaks in time, I see no rejoin applications posted by him.
  12. Name: KSI Airborne 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Airborne 7 Award-/-Achievement: Out For Summer Reason-/-Evidence: Screenshot sent in AAP general chat
  13. Name: KSI Airborne 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Airborne 7 Award-/-Achievement: Devoted Reason-/-Evidence: Included is the link to my rejoin app for when I came back. I have been back since July 13, 2016 with a KSI gamertag. There is another "join" app posted by myself after that date, however it was to rejoin Clan Ops while I was still a Dept Ops/Web Ops member.
  14. There is a clearly obvious case of someone who deserves Die Hard without much question. The Head of Clan Ops, literally EVERY major issue ends up on his plate. He has been here for literal years and still takes the time to put nose to grindstone almost every day, even when you can tell he is ready to lose his marbles. I know my statement isn't long or completely specific, but Swaggy deserves this hands down or you guys should probably just take Die Hard away from me too
  15. 'Merica!!!!! Just love this holiday in general. It's summer, cooking out, fireworks, I just enjoy this holiday a lot more with the better weather than all of the holidays later in the year.
  16. Don't put me in the giveaway, but I'd still like to post and share. I think my favorite memories were from my first time in KSI, in Sacrifice DR. We were an extremely tight knit squad, constantly gaming together and owning lobbies of whatever Call of Duty was out at the time. I really miss the simplicity as I was 17 at the time, and had plenty of time to game compared to being 27 and having a kid. Those were the days
  17. Awarded and closed
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