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  1. Lol you're not a SGT anymore! Can't fool me ;)

  2. ((XBOX 360 ONLY)) Come on in to Fun World!!! Where all your wildest dreams can come true! We have several attractions that would entice even the most meek into becoming a true hero or heroine, Or become a wealthy land owner, a miner, a house builder, you even have a chance to build your own rides if you want to. You can do anything in this world of wonder. (as long as you don't destroy it and no TNT) But there is a dark side to this wonderful world and I must warn you about the evil Nether Knight Squirrel. Do not let his appearance fool you because he will cause terrible mayhem in the worl
  3. I have my capture card put it doesnt work for PS3

  4. I was watching turbo fast on netflix. They got new episodes.
  5. I ordered my capture card and will be making movies with games. this is going to be awesome

  6. Making an outline for next month

  7. The walking dead is awesome. I am watching it from the beginning so this is going to be an interesting thing
  8. Welcome to the forums JewlzKristine :)

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