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  1. Gamertag/Forums name: KSI Bunlick/MadIntense Award: New Member certified Evidence: Completed individual training on the new member training workshop. Person(s) who ran the workshop: KSI SnoopxDog
  2. I can Witness for this ever since Bezerk joined KSI i went through rough times and he kept my head up and gave me some good advice when i was in Achilles he to this day helps me with having a fun all nighter!!
  3. I witness as well. I seen Ascendancy go through problem most people would give up trying to handle but not him he pushes in till the problem is dealt with as well as when ever someone talks bad about KSI that was a KSI or a past KSI member he throws some KSI knowledge at them. There just saying that shows a lot of commitment!
  4. KSI Green has been one out of three of my mentors he was one of the biggest one's helping me through anything I might have he shadowed me in the recruiting process and gave me the yes to recruit on my own when he was my Gen when I came to achilles he also taught me my ways around problems and how to avoid then he made me the man I am today.
  5. Ascendancy has taught me everything I know in KSI starting from sergeant. He is one big reason why I'm where I am today He mentored me with everything from notes to what I need to know for my next rank. He is the real reason why I'm moving forward and I haven't gave up and keep my head up high and do what I need to do!! He deserves all awards he is nominated for right here!
  6. I can as well witness for green 7. He deserves this award all the way. His knowledge and dedication to KSI is over the top. He never stops putting In hard work and gets What needs to be done done. He always tells everyone to never give up but try harder and never think negative but think on the positive side of things. He is an all around awesome and dedicated KSI member!
  7. Welcome to the forums KSIxVonBuelow :)

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