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  1. And for this chick right here, ill spit a few truths most people wouldnt know from back in the day. When i was active div leader (ranked as Co Div) reports were being brought foward about how issues arose and were settled. I asked "What officer is doing all this work?" I was told it wasnt an officer but a SGT handling issues the way a Captain would. That SGT was Firemomma. I wasnt there for her growth in the community as i had stepped down and left KSI to focus more on real life ordeals. But when i put in my rejoin to see how things had changed, she was already a Co Founder. As time passed, the previous 7 staff had left and that left Firemomma with the division. Instead of leaving due to the pressure of the division in her hands, she stepped up and til this day is continuing to make DL the powerhouse it was and forever will be. Shes earned her stripes for her devotion to the division and if thats not outstanding, idk what is.
  2. Alright yall i have a thing or two to say about this guy right here. Ive had the chance to see what hes capable of since he was a ssgt. Puting it bluntly, he hasn't changed a bit. As Tex previously mentioned hes been building squads to their splitting point with the best qualified officers DL can ask for, always going above and beyond for new members like hes trying to earn that officer rank again. If a squad is falling short, he'll be the one to work double time to get it back in shape. If he keeps up the way hes been going, i have no doubt he'll make Div Leader and even higher if he puts in effort.
  3. Welcome to the forums Smooth B)

  4. My favorite memory in KSI was everything that lead to my promotion to Co Founder in DL. When i became gen of our Destiny squad Apollo at the time, it gave me the opportunity to show everyone i wanted to give them everything they deserved in that squad, Surely a bit after, activity picked up very rapidly and led to the split of Apollo which formed another destiny squad called Demise. When i was considered for the Co Founder promotion, KSI Bushmaster7 approached me and told me i needed to write a 5 page essay on why i should deserve the rank of a Co Founder. Without hesitation i began making a template for my essay. A little bit later that day he askes me what day it was, i told him it was April 1st and i asked why he needed to know that. He said yup, exactly April fools XD you dont need to write that essay. Shortly after i was promoted to Co Founder.
  5. Division: Dark Legions Moderator: KSI Bushmaster7 Team memebers 1 KSI Boo Boo HH1 2 KSI Lazyee3214 HH2 3 KSIxBigHead HH3 4 KSIxRESISTER 16 HH4 5 KSIxGRIM3Ap3R HH5 Backups 1 KSIxThe ALPHA HH6/B1 2 ShackledTen67 HH7/B2 3 4 5
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