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  1. The man of the pickles. Swag has gone through so much crap in this community that I myself cant even understand at the ground level. But through all of the stuff he has been through that he is the most deserving of this award. He has had to deal with bad leadership, and deal with members who have made his life more difficult than it ever need to be. With dealing with past directors not doing their jobs, or even fighting him over things that are clearly not necessary. He everyone now is dealing with several division who are hurting and trying to keep them afloat while dealing with the other div
  2. @KSI Kanao 7 Highest of fives: With helping hand and Good Samaritan I will have a total of 50 awards Lady Luck Evidence: having 50 awards
  3. @KSI Kanao 7 Awards: Helping Hand: I have gifted 9 total subs to the KSIlive twitch channel Good Samaritan: I have gifted 9 total subs to the KSIlive twitch Channel Evidence: All evidence has been sent to @Fennyishere
  4. KSI Kakashii 77 @Kakashii 77 Write Right He won the month of June!
  5. Gamertag: KSI iqz @KSI iqz Workshop: Rank Structure Evidence: I hosted the workshop and evidence can be found in the CS activity feed thread
  6. Honestly it reminds me of my dad. He severs 8 different tours to the Middle East and when countries were in crisis he slept on the floor of the ship so others could sleep in his bunk.
  7. This month participants may answer 1 of 4 prompts! Please feel free to leave us with any feedback or suggestions in the thread above: 1.Describe your favorite movie without saying the title. 2.What is one thing in the community you would want to add or change? Explain how this would benefit the community. 3.What is one thing you want to see leadership do more for the community? Go in detail and give examples! 4.If you could work for any game developer you wanted to, which would you pick and why? Note: You are free to write however much you like, but it must be a mi
  8. Pineapple pizza is blasphemy 

  9. Hey yall changed my name! I was KSI Tea 7 and now i am KSI Kanao 7 just a heads up! love you all!

  10. Gamertag: KSI Spicey @KSI Spicey KSI Anarchy#2899 @KSI Anrchie Award: Leadership Aspects Workshop Evidence: I hosted the workshop and her is the activity feed
  11. I am a goth chick through and through, however I am more of goth metal. But one thing i love is story telling through music. A few bands come to mine like Ice Nine Kills, or Famous last words. INK released an album dedicated to pop culture horror, and FLW came out with an album about a woman in the 50s and her life being kidnaped. I think music like this is so captivating!
  12. i still love the loney Island they are kinda my childhood in a way lol
  13. Congrats to you all! Each and every single one of you are helping grow this community into a beautiful place!
  14. Gamertag / Forums Name KSI Tea 7 Award; Donor 2021 Any evidence if required (Pictures are great too) all evidence sent to @Fennyishere Profile Link if possible @KSI Tea 7
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