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  1. Team Captain: KSI N3cRo NiNjA Division: IMPERIAL SL Teammate: KSI Highjacked9 Division: IMPERIAL SL
  2. Category: gen if the year Gamertag: KSI N3cRo NiNjA Forums Account Link @Rouge 7 Reasons they deserve this award: from what I've seen hes been in now for like 4 1/2 months or so and has a strong communication he is organized and knows how to get things done it seems as if he has the potential for far greater then what hes already accomplished hes fair and humble hes the type of gen everyone what's to be like and the kind peers look up too
  3. Gamertag / Forums Name KSI N3CRO NINJA KSI YankAMidget @Tenkwb20cf KSI DrunknNinja @DrunkenNinja736 KSI WacknWabbit @KSI WacknWabbit KSI TossAmidget @KSI TossAmidget KSI Punisher69 @KSI Punisher69 KSIGingerZX3 @GingerNinjaZX3 Award New Member Certified Any evidence if required attended
  4. Gamertag / Forums Name KSI APPLE P1319 @Applepie19 KSI DragonKing6 @GeorgeLee KSI Highjacked9 @KSI Highjacked9 KSI NFS KING @KSI NFS KING KSI TossAmidget @KSI TossAmidget Award Train the Trainer Any evidence if required attended the workshop hosted by me KSI N3CRO NINJA
  5. Gamertag/Forums name: Dr CamelFootMD , KSI N3cRo NiNjA Award: New Member Workshop Certification Evidence: Attend workshop Person(s) who ran the workshop KSI OOOF
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