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OTM: January 2016 Winners!


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Following the excitement of the Of The Year awards,

The Awards and Achievements Program team is proud to present to you,

The Winners of the January Of The Month 2016!


Senior Leader: KSI Ragnaroks 7


Director:  KSI Azrael 7


Division Leader:  KSI Collector 7


Co-Division Leader:  KSI Ashhh 7 


Founder:  KSI Chicago 7 


Co-Founder  KSI Starset 7


General:  KSI POLARB34R 


Captain:  KSI Vocalz 


Lieutenant: KSI Racoon


Forums Staff: KSI Worstplayer 


Member:  KSI Phil0s0phy



This month was a very close month for many categories! Congratulations to all the winners, and well done to all those who were nominated! 





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