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  1. KSI SUP3R Gamer Picture Request

    @KSI SUP3R Requirement met. Reopened.
  2. KSI SUP3R Gamer Picture Request

    @KSI SUP3R Hey man, you need a minimum of 20 non spam post to make your first request. PM me when you have 20 posts and ill reopen your topic.
  3. KSI STARGATE V Xbox pic

    Good job Oni, Closed.
  4. KSI STARGATE V Xbox pic

    @KSI Stargate
  5. KSI STARGATE V Xbox pic

    @KSI Stargate Are you still interested?
  6. Royal- Forum Addict

    Name: @RoyalLink to Forums Account: Forum AddictReason-/-Evidence: 1000+ Posts
  7. KSI FadeZ 7 Signature Request.

    You're going to want to copy and paste the image directly into your signature, not upload it.
  8. December 77 - Gamerpic Request

    @December 77
  9. KSI CR4ZYJ4Y89 - Forums Banner Request

    @KSI CR4ZYJ4Y89
  10. Xbox Gamerpic and Forums Profile Picture

    There is a limit of one request every two weeks. 3.1 Once a request has been completed (when it is fulfilled or ended due to special circumstances such as disrespect, negligence of rules, etc), the requester MUST wait 2 whole weeks (14 days) before making another request. This is to remind you that we are not your personal design team. We have others requesting our services and this policy is held in fairness. 3.2 Don't make multiple requests at the same time (banners and other community-wide projects being the only exception). Otherwise our section becomes cluttered and harder to keep track. Closed.
  11. KSI Vermilion98 Request

    4.1 You may only *bump your topic once a day (*bump - post that word or anything else for the purpose of moving your topic to the top of the list / keeping it on the first page). Your request will be terminated if you have multiple "bumps" a day or any unnecessary spam. Anything other than answering questions from the Artists will be considered your bump and/or spam. 4.2 Vice versa, If you make a request but don't keep yourself updated with the request, it will be closed after 2 weeks of inactivity. For example, you made a request but for some reason it wasn't fulfilled by any artist and you decided not to bump it for several days. The team managing the request forum will conclude you lost interest in your request and we will close it.
  12. Gamer picture

    There is a post count listed in your profile. Regardless of whether you think you have done so or if you've done this another forum account, it doesn't matter. Until i visually see that post count say 20 or greater, you must wait. Royal.