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  1. Ksi Tyche Request for a gamer picture.

    hello tyche, or HANGx2xLOW! unfortunately you only have 5 posts, but you need at least 20 non-spam posts to make a request! so once you've reached that requirement, you are free to create a new topic. thanks
  2. Xbox Gamerpic Request

    hey there! sorry for not letting you know sooner, but you do need at least 20 non-spam posts to make a request. once you've fulfilled that requirement, please create a new topic, for this one will be closed! thank you
  3. KSI Tyr Signature Request

    you need at least 20 non-spam posts to make a request. please come back and make a new request once you've reached the requirement! also, when you do post your request after getting 20 non-spam posts, pleeeeease give an example as to what a "flower of life" is.
  4. KSI M3NTALIST 7 signature request

    sig accepted. closed.
  5. KSI M3NTALIST 7 signature request

    @KSI M3NTALIST 7 https://i.imgur.com/pvX63BS.png
  6. Gamer Pic Request

    gamerpic accepted. closed.
  7. KSI VENUM 7 Signature

    sig accepted. closed.
  8. Gamer Pic Request

  9. KSI VENUM 7 Signature

    i'm so sorry that you've had to wait for so long for this signature. oni never had the time to get it fulfilled. here it is. i hope you don't mind that i kept it simple. didn't feel like much needed to be done. https://i.imgur.com/e77euTV.png
  10. KSI Skarzx 77 Forum Signature

    @Scarface 77 Hello Skarzx, I'm just gonna close this request for now since you said you're gonna be updating it. Go ahead and post a new one when you're ready.
  11. SGT

    Closed due to inactivity.
  12. SGT

    @KSI SurrealHell hello there, if you're still interested in getting your request fulfilled, please read what i posted above. your request will be closed in two weeks (oct. 24) due to inactivity. remember to bump your topic once a day to let us know you're still interested.
  13. Gamer tag Request by KSI GriffJr

    @GroovyAJ hi there you need to do the following: 1) reach at least 20 non-spam posts before making a request 2) post the proper request form, which can be found here: Request Form & Help so when you reach 20 non-spam posts, you can come back and post a proper request thANKS
  14. December 77 - Signature Request

  15. Fall Classic 2018 Forums Challenge

    meep meep posting for my own award lol i guess for fall classic too i guess idk