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  1. Mod apps (Closing 9/25/17)

    Gamertag: Miss Taviola Division/Squad/Rank: N/A How active are you on the forums daily? I would say I'm very active. I'm on almost everyday, and usually for long periods amount of time. What kind of past experience do you have being a Mod? Being an Art Director and having mod responsibilities in the Graphics department. What do you seek in becoming a Mod? Help with managing and organizing the entirety of the forums, not just the Graphics section, and help the members of the community if they have any questions and/or concerns. Why would you make a great candidate? I'm extremely organized, and I'm pretty on top of things, at least with managing the Graphics section. Ask me to get something done and I'll try my best to do it right away. I'm also very quick to respond, and I know how people can get when they don't get something resolved right away, so I think I would be a good candidate because of my willingness to help, how fast I can get to helping someone out, and my organization. Don't know what else there is to learn about how to navigate/use the forums but if there is, I'm willing to learn. Do you understand that this is a voluntary position and if we feel you are not doing your job correctly, we have the right to remove you? Yes. Finally and most importantly do you have a fun personality and can jump in on jokes and not get butt hurt? Idk. Probably.
  2. KSI Bambi banner request

    @KSI Emo Dude
  3. All banners finished and are in use. GJ y'all! Closed.
  4. KSI FaIIout's Signature Request

    You need to wait a week before making another request. Closed.
  5. back in form

    this is dope
  6. Spawn

    tbh i like the colors in the first one. effects are tight tho
  7. Mei

    so like are you back or what
  8. Signature for KSI Scav

    Take this link and paste it into your signature. Make sure you remove the formatting. The image should pop up. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/245421737708224512/358145921399259138/Scav.png Good job, Furian. Closed.
  9. Signature

    @KSI DJ K1LLA 7 Awesome. Just copy the link Aztec provided and paste it into your signature. Good job, Aztec. Closed.
  10. Signature

    @KSI DJ K1LLA 7
  11. custom profile pic xbox one

    Closed due to inactivity.
  12. Profile Pic or Signature - KSI Kill a Bit

    Closing due to inactivity.
  13. Signature Request- KSI FaIIout

    Ok then we'll just leave it as is. Good job, Aztec. Closed.
  14. These are @.inK's banners. I crossed them out of the list. @ImPyyy
  15. Signature for KSI Scav

    you only want the letter "N" as your subtext?