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  1. Divine Warriors Division Forum Banner

    @Mr. Karaoke @KSI Gary 7 Not sure if Erbs will be making any changes to his banner, but I see that y'all have already used it so I'll be closing this topic.
  2. KSIxPapi77 Sig request

    Go for it. We recommend that you do.
  3. remember that one time

    LMAO depth would stand out more if the text was smaller and not in front of that C4D
  4. KSI FireHeart 7 request

    @KSI FireHeart 7 Hi. Need to know if you ended up taking the image I gave you or not so I can know if I can close this request. Thanks.
  5. Divine Warriors Division Forum Banner

    Yes, unfortunately. Some of us have been pretty busy outside of KSI. Apologies!
  6. Community Education Project Awards Requests

    Working on these now.
  7. KSIxPapi77 Sig request

    For artists who want to attempt. http://8-themes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Animals___Wild_cats_The_head_of_the_evil_lion__gray_background_100073_.jpg
  8. KSI DARK J3ST3R's Signature Request Form

  9. KSI DARK J3ST3R's Signature Request Form

    Well, it's weird because it should automatically show up in your signature as soon as you paste the link. For formatting, something like this should pop up: Are you on your phone or a computer?
  10. KSI DARK J3ST3R's Signature Request Form

    You're not uploading it right? You're copying and pasting that link into your sig area? Make sure to also remove formatting.
  11. KSI DARK J3ST3R's Signature Request Form

    @Th3_n1ghtw1ng If you wish to use Igan's signature, copy this link and paste it into your sig area. http://www.ksiforums.org/uploads/monthly_2017_12/5a2d479c19eac_KSIDARKJ3ST3R.png.824368b55cd7ca6180e80d0cdcdaa34e.png
  12. KSI FireHeart 7 request

    @KSI FireHeart 7
  13. Widows Requests

    https://i.imgur.com/Oyk7kKC.png @KSI Widow 7
  14. Gandhi's Request?

    @KSI Gandhi 7 you right. it is very low quality. but that's inevitable because it's a photo of gandhi. i tried finding a higher quality one, but no luck. since this is black and white, it's best if the entire sig stays black and white. maybe this one?