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  1. KSI Guyy's Sig/Cover Photo Request

    @Defiant Dog https://i.imgur.com/ZSgNCGW.png
  2. thirst

  3. thirst

    this quenched my thirst

    i watched blade runner 2049 this weekend and it was dope. the soundtrack is also amazing~
  5. KSI Guyy's Sig/Cover Photo Request

    @Defiant Dog https://i.imgur.com/mHFyc8r.png
  6. KSI Guyy's Sig/Cover Photo Request

    @Defiant Dog
  7. KSI Marketing Banner

  8. KSI JaneDoe Banner Request

    you can copy this code and insert it into your signature for use: https://i.imgur.com/IDGjkre.png @KSI JaneDoe
  9. KSI Guyy's Sig/Cover Photo Request

    the image you provided is extremely low quality is this one ok to use
  10. KSI FaIIout- Request

  11. KSI JaneDoe Banner Request

    ok so just to clarify, do you want this size (forums/division banner) or do you want something like this size (standard signature)
  12. KSI Mr Snek Signature

    ummm the new ones you provided are really small but i can try to work with what you had originally
  13. Playlist Sharing

    this is my vibin' playlist. mainly consists of r&b and hip-hop
  14. tag wall

    ok ya but r u actually gnna put them to use???