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  1. KSI BuMPer 7 Multiple Nomination

    Os1 witness. I've known bmp since before he was even a 7 and I've watch show trials and tribulations coming up through the ranks. He's bent over backwards many of times wether it be him becoming cofo and the entire 7s staff leaving right after except him or coming through the ranks starting over and making it back up to general.
  2. When will we see fortnight as a squad gametype?
  3. What's Up

    Oh hello and welcome
  4. True 7 - Outstanding Service Lv. 1

    Although she can be a poop head at times true has definitely demonstrated time and time again outstanding service to this community. Wether it be through clan ops both times as she has risen through the ranks and helped out any and everyone she could or through web ops with both helping members further understand and get the word out about the aap system or her continued triumphs running a department with the news team and transitioning overlord impy out from a head position he held on to way longer than he would have liked. Trues compassion for this community goes above and beyond any normal member I've seen. Through trials and tribulations she's succeeded where many others do not in overcoming something in her personal life that caused het to have to leave the community she loved to work on her personal life only to come back a year later and hit the ground running to work her way back up and surpass where she left off and make it all the way up to the prestigious rank of senior director. She lives to help members ant way she can from buying members games that she couldn't necessarily afford but somehow made it work out. Her dedication to succeed in the face of many problems that others would give up flat out but she perserveered through them and has become a far better leader in there aftermath.
  5. Let's get it wd

    fluffy unicorns ftw
  6. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2017!!! Open Til 6/22 8pm est

    fluffy unicorns ftw
  7. Spirit Week Shout out/200th poster Wins a Prize

    Shout out to my dad for bringing me into this world happy and all other dads on this lovely fathers day. A huge shout out entire board for organizing and planning these events as well as a huge shoutout to my t&e staff that will be helping with hosting. But most importantly the biggest shoutout is to our memebers who without them we wouldn't have a spirit week so good luck everyone and may the best division win!
  8. KSI Beezlebub 7 Commuted Award

    I will witness on this commuted award I have know beetlebob for over a year with a ksi gamertag that has consecutively been in without being a turd and leaving.
  9. KSI VeRiiTaS 7( committed award )

    I will witness that spooder has had a ksi gamertag for over a year meow
  10. 7s of Last Strike Resurrection Award

    LS did indeed fall below the 120member mark. Might have been down to 118. They are now over the 300 requirement in less than 5 months I also love Scotland
  11. KSI HHooters 7 member assited award

    Dog the bounty hunter is my favorite show! I love it went they find the bad guy n everyone goes to jail!
  12. KSI Bearded 7- master recruiter

    I will witness to this guy recruiting/assisting in the recruitment of well over 120 memebers well qualifying him for this award
  13. KSI VeRiiTaS 7 OS Lvl 1 Nomination

    Spider in the short time I've been working with him and fi has proven himself to be an outstanding leader in not just his division but also in T&e. He took the initiative even from the rank of cofounder to absolutly ensure that his division was running as best it possibly could and was always looking for ways to improve anything he can. As a leader that's watched his development these past few months in his transition into leading a division I will have to say that he has turned into quite an asset to this community. He definitly has show great commitment and outstanding service to both clan ops and Web ops!
  14. KSI AtomXGen Spirit Week King Self Nomination

    I will confirm that he did in fact get crowned