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  1. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2019!!!!!!!

    Let’s go ES!!
  2. KSI DarkAngeI 7 self nom

    Name: KSI DarkAngei 7 Link to forums Account: @KSI DarkAngeI 7 Award-/-Achievement: Devoted Reason-/-Evidence: I have been in KSI for five consecutive years. Haven’t left once.
  3. May 2019 Of the Month Awards

    Member Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Ambwub SSGT Banshee ES Link to forums account - @Ambwub Reasoning why they deserve this - She’s been an amazing member since she joined. Members get along very well with her which is a great quality to have as an officer. She is Very active and fun to be around. Just recently she was added to our officers staff and I know she will do great things coming up the ranks. I’m looking forward to working along side her.
  4. Weekend Warfare - Halo 5 Swat 2v2 (5/25/19)

    Team Captian: KSI DarkAngel 7 Division: ES Teammate: KSI xKing 77 Division: ES
  5. KSI xKIng 77 OS3

    I have known king for a few years now. He took A chance on me back in DR when I was a General and with his guidance and knowledge he taught me how to be a leader which allowed me to reach the rank of cofounder and move up. I would not have been able to do it if he didn’t teach me all that I would need to know and more. That’s what he does. He doesn’t give up on you just because you have a few things you need to work on. He will help you improve and not just leave you out to drown. He has grown as leader himself dealing with many bumps in the road that not everyone can push past. I could keep going on with many different reasons on why he deserves this award but I’m just going to leave it with this.
  6. Hello Trouble!!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. KSI xKamikaze

      KSI xKamikaze

      Just got my upper Wisdom teeth pulled today.

      They have been bothering me for awhile. Lower were pulled a while ago.


    3. KSI DarkAngeI 7

      KSI DarkAngeI 7

      Oh wow. Hope the healing goes well. 

    4. KSI xKamikaze

      KSI xKamikaze

      Just not hoping for dry socket and I will be fine.

  7. Spring Break Forums Challenge

    Let’s go ES!!
  8. Guess someone was salty lol

    1. KSI xKamikaze

      KSI xKamikaze

      Huh. I’m not salty. I’m just the total opposite. I use it as fuel!

    2. KSI DarkAngeI 7

      KSI DarkAngeI 7

      No someone got mad that I downvoted his rejoin app so he downvoted my div transfer lol 

  9. KSI xKing 77 Good Samaritan & philanthropist

    King has bought me pubg and ww2 so I could play with member of the squad.
  10. Fall Classic 2018 Forums Challenge

    Let’s go DW!!!
  11. Multi - Department Award Notification

    Gamertag / Forums Name – KSI SUP3R Award- Train The Trainer Any evidence if required - Sat in Workshop hosted by KSI DarkAngeI 7 on 8/16/17 Profile Link if possible - @KSI SUP3R
  12. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2018!!!!!

    Let’s go DW!!!
  13. New Member Certified Self Nomination Topic

    Gamertag/Forums name: KSI DarkAngeI 7 Award: New Member Certification Evidence: Attended and Participated Person(s) who ran the workshop: KSI PHIL0S0PHY7
  14. Outstanding Service LV2 for KSI True 7

    Since i first met true she has always been a hardworking individual. She always makes time for those around her. Over the course of the past few years she has taught me what it means to be a hardworking and dedicated member. I became the leader i am today through all the different things she has to offer to teach. I have seen her bring forth so many different ideas to help this community out. Not only has she been a great mentor to me but she is also a truly great friend (see what i did there lol). True is one of the most eager members i have ever seen in this community. She is more then deserving of this award.