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  1. The Fight

    The Fight I'm just trying to be The man you're supposed to see But in this land of monsters It's hard to see clearly This toxic air Is making it hard to breathe I feel like i need to Tear my skin And see what's underneath But I'm the one Working on a single belief I'm not showing my teeth Or biting your hand so deep 'Cause you gave me This light to keep My feelings burst from within But I must keep up my chin To defeat these demons Though I brandish Scars on my skin
  2. If you Ran this Community

    Hmm well if I were to run KSI again I don't think there's anything to change really on a serious note. Everything seems smooth (but im still in a squad so there's always upper leader deals). The only thing someone whispered to me is that to be a co-founder u need to have the division games, all of them. Luckily my division is small so I would only need to get AW i think but going on a game with members in a specific squad shouldn't be part of the job. Happy wars/XBL parties are quite effective with divisional meetings and what if someone is poor? Like me for instance, I need to save money for a car and pay bills and such and I can't be spending money on games. Anyway I don't know if that's true or not but that's the only thing that grinds my gears haha. Otherwise it's the same stuff And I like everyones company :D
  3. Overbearing

    A poem from my Facebook Overbearing I try to be caring But this world is over bearing Trying to make me bleed So i'm reduced to swearing Not caring If I live or die But tell me why Am I in a world That doesn't care for each other Like the earth and the sky We'd rather fight wars And call on *****s Than be there By each others side Do we have too much pride? Too much pep in our stride? Don't even say you cried A thousand more tears than I 'Cause you seem perfectly fine Doin' what you want All of the time But I don't mind I'll try to keep to myself So you can unwind And maybe through some Essence so divine We'll find some peace To congregate our minds
  4. Post your FIRST KSI gamertag

    KSI Evl1312
  5. Your Favorite Band?

    Gahh so many but Killswitch Engage is my favorite
  6. Welcome to the forums KSI Dr Evil :)