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  1. Impy's Collected Works

    I will make it up to you. <3
  2. Impy's Collected Works

    Poetry is dead It died alongside Disco Antiquated art BOOM. Drops mic. Goes back to real writing. #Journalism
  3. Impy's Collected Works

    Oh no I was totally just playing along with you, haha. There was no offense at all! If I’m going to write a poem about poop and then not be ready for a joke, then I’m a butt.
  4. Impy's Collected Works

    Yay all of my poems are now in one easy to find topic. I will add more shortly. To my fans, thank you. <3
  5. Impy's Collected Works

    How hard I strain is between me, my body, and God.
  6. Impy's Collected Works

    Who does not like poop? It's a natural process Everybody poops The second kick-ass haiku from me. You're welcome.
  7. Current Department Heads/CoHeads Chief Department Manager KSI Scotland 7 -- Head Department Manager N/A -- AAP Head- KSI RiiOT 7 CoHead - N/A -- Education Head- KSI Greg 7 -- Graphics Head- Tavie CoHead- KSI Dragons 7 -- News and History Head- KSI True 7 CoHead- KSI Widow 7 CoHead- KSI December 77 -- Productions Head- KSI Gary 7 CoHead- KSI Skarzx 77 -- T&E Head- KSI BadKitty 7 CoHead- KSI Gambit 7 -- Marketing Head- KSI Jessi 77 Co - Head - KSI Nebula 7 -- Human Resources / Performance Ops Head- KSI Ghandi 7 Co Head - KSI Havoc 7 --- Courts Head- KSI Airborne 7 --
  8. Here is June 2018's Results, July's Schedule, and the Overall Standings to this point! June's Results: Congrats to EO for being KSI's Division "Of the Month" for June! Here's the Overall Standings following Spirit Week 2018 and June's events: DW still holds a healthy lead, but places 2-5 are super close! And finally, here is July 2018's Schedule. Start planning to generate participation if you want to make up ground on DW or be named "Division of the Month." The Special 2x points event for the month is News' SYTYCW. Visit the news section and fill out your KSI resume to get points for your division! Thank you for participating and may the best division take home July's top spot.
  9. KSI Bane Helping Hand

    Can confirm he gifted three subs in KSILive to allow members to play in the Spirit Week Donor FFA.

    1. KSI xKamikaze

      KSI xKamikaze

      Let the Cuddle party Begin!

    2. impyyy


      Let's not make anything too weird!

    3. KSI xKamikaze

      KSI xKamikaze

      Cuddle party as embracing the community as a whole. That’s how I always looked at your forums award.

  11. Spirit Week 2018 Score Board

    Final KSI Spirit Week 2018 Standings: 1st - WD (33) 2nd - DW (32) 3rd - DM (28) 4th - FI (27) 5th - EO (26) 6th - LS (25) 7th- ES (19) 8th - DL (13) 9th - CD (5) Congratulations and thank you to all of the divisions for coming out and making this week the best we've ever had! See you all at Fall Classic!
  12. Spirit Week 2018 Score Board

    We didn’t forget the Day 4 scoreboard, but because the competition is SO CLOSE, we’re going to keep it secret until the final results are announced on the 6 pm EST stream and posted in here tonight. See you are there!
  13. SW: Donors Event - Uno (6/24/18)

    Please note the link for UNO is and you will have to have an account to play. (Account setup is super easy.)
  14. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2018!!!!!

  15. SW: Rocket League - 2v2 (6/22/18)

    Team Board Captain: KSI ImPyyy 7 Teammate: KSI Ace 7 Alternate: KSI VeRiiTaS 7
  16. Ohhhh don't know when it happened, but congrats on Co-Founder! Let me know if you need any help or anything!

    1. KSI xZIEIROx 7

      KSI xZIEIROx 7

      Thanks Impyyy 

  17. May 2018 Results below: June 2018 Schedule: Divisions will be rewarded with double points (10 points instead of 5 points) for a 10 to 1 officer ratio. Standings going into June are as follows: ** - Note. You must have subscribed to KSILive during the month to get points for subbing. Sub lists will only be pulled in the last two days of the month to assure points come from those who have subscribed during that month -- not the previous one, for which the points would have already counted.
  18. We have another problem that you must help us solve! You have your choice. There's a brand new tray of beautiful, decadent, moist brownies waiting for you after a long day. You can have your choice. What are you reaching for? A middle piece, or an edge piece with crust? Thank you for your help in resolving this matter. Love, The Board.
  19. My team > your team

    My team is better than your team. Your team sucks butts. My team will undoubtedly defeat your team in the sports game in which they compete against each other.
  20. Good morning! This is the thread for questions, ideas, suggestions, etc. for our May KSI Spirit Week Town Hall! All questions, ideas, suggestions, etc. should focus on either KSI Spirit Week (or other KSI events) or the Divisional Cup that launched at Spring Break. The Show will be on Friday, May 25th at 8 pm EST on KSILive! Have fun posting questions, and please use he following template. —- Gamertag: Division: Comment:
  21. It's time for July's KSI Town Hall Q&A! The point of this post is for you to submit questions to the panels of leaders and members to answer at 8:30 p.m. EST on Friday, July 28! Post up any question/idea/topic about KSI, gaming, or whatever, below, and we will try to get to it.
  22. Announcing: KSI Spirit Week 2018 The past year has been a wild ride for KSI, but we are growing and improving each and every day. As we've done since 2011, we are throwing our annual KSI celebration at Spirit Week! We are happy to report to you that the schedule and events have been set, so mark your calendars for June 20-24, 2018! The information below can be found in the Spirit Week section of the forums, which can be found here: --- **Schedule** June 20 - Wednesday - Opening Ceremony - 8 p.m. * Opening Ceremony - KSILive * Poker 7's (2 Reps per division) - KSILive * Overwatch 3v3 CTF - KSILive2 * Forums Challenge June 21 - Thursday - 8 p.m. * Black Ops 2 4v4 Search and Destroy - KSILive * Halo 5 4v4 CTF - KSILive2 * Halo 5 7's FFA (2 Reps per division; will follow the 4v4) - KSILive2 June 22 - Friday - 8 p.m. * Karaoke (2 singers, 45 sec limit.) - KSILive * Rocket League 2v2 (2 teams per division) - KSILive2 June 23 - Saturday - 8 p.m. * WW2 4v4 Team Deathmatch (2 teams per division) - KSILive * WW2 7's FFA (2 Reps per division; will follow the 4v4) - KSILive * Destiny 2 4v4 Control - KSILive2 June 24 - Sunday - Closing Ceremony - 6 p.m. * Donor FFA - UNO (pre-stream; 2 p.m.) - KSILive * Closing Ceremony - KSILive --- **Minecraft Event** The Minecraft event will begin several weeks before the event. Details are outlined in the divisional sign-up thread in the Spirit Week section that can be found here: --- **Event Sign Ups** All sign-ups will be posted in the Spirit Week section with details on the events. A Co-Founder or higher in the division is responsible for posting the sign-ups. No other members should be posting the sign ups. The rosters can be changed up until the sign-ups close thirty minutes before the event begins. All members who compete must be registered on the forums and/or documented on G14/Omega before 21 May 2018. Any member recruited into KSI and entered into the CMS after 21 May will not be eligible to compete in the games on the consoles. They will be eligible for the Forums Poll, Minecraft build-off, Donor FFA, and Social Media events. --- **Donor Free-For-All** There will be a Donor-only Free-For-All event on Sunday, June 24 at 2 p.m. EST. To be eligible, you must donate at least $5 to the Donation Drive through our PayPal, a Twitch Subscription to KSILive, or Bit Donations in the stream between now and June 20, 2018 -- the start of Spirit Week. The Free-For-All will be a UNO tournament at Those who play UNO will be eligible to get one (1) participation point per division, and winners of the event will be eligible for individual prizes. --- **Prizes** Individual prizes must be redeemed by contacting KSI's CFO, KSI Ace 7. If a prize is not claimed by 1 August 2018, you will forfeit your right to them and they will be recycled for future use. In total, more than $300 in prizes will be up for grabs between individual winners and the top-3 divisions at the end of the weekend. --- **Divisional Cup** As with all of our major events -- Spring Break, Spirit Week, and Fall Classic -- the final standings of the event will contribute to the Divisional Cup standings. --- **Scoring Guide** Each event will be graded as follows. The Forums Challenge Poll will open in the Spirit Week section of the forums on the first night. For a division to get a participation point for the Challenge, they must garner 20 votes in the poll. For the rest of the events, they must have one team show up and compete. If they field two teams, they will not gain a second participation point. 1st = +3 points 2nd = +2 points 3rd = +1 point Participate = 1 point --- **Social Media** If you don't know, we have a Facebook and Twitter! Facebook: Twitter: Divisional activity for Spirit Week will be judged by KSI's Board of Directors and Social Media curators. The official hashtags for Spirit Week are #KSI and #SpiritWeek. Using those hashtags and denoting your division in your posts will make it easier for us to see and rebroadcast your posts. Divisions are eligible for additional points as a result of their social media activity, including posting, new followers, new likes, and posts showing KSI Spirit. --- **Scoreboard** --- Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you all at Spirit Week 2018! Love, The Board.
  23. Brownies: Middle or Edge pieces?

    I won’t downvote you like some uncultured swine. Gotta keep our fingers on the pulse of the community!