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  1. Hey! Submit your questions, ideas, suggestions, topics, recommendations, etc. below for KSI leadership to answer at our April Town Hall. It will be Friday, 27 April 2018, at 8 p.m. EST at Each person who posts will receive a participation point for the respective divisions for February's stats, up to 10 points per division. This is a good chance to get information from senior leaders and have your voice heard for the whole community to hear, so don't miss the chance.
  2. If you have any questions about joining a department, reply to this thread and a Department Rep will reply soon.
  3. Bright Idea (Self Nomination)

    This description doesn’t really cover what Bright Idea is. It’s an idea used widely throughout the community. With that said, DW led the way with implementing bots in their discord server and that idea was been implemented in most KSI-related servers. This award is deserved.
  4. Self Nomination - Twitch Sub

    The screenshot provides the evidence that he is subscribed.
  5. Self Nomination - Twitch Sub

    He’s subbed to ksilive
  6. Self Nomination - Twitch Sub

    He subbed to KSILive
  7. KSI Ronin 77 Twitch Sub Club

    He subbed.
  8. Self Nomination

    This member has subbed.
  9. KSI Kalakoi 77 Twitch Sub Self Nomination

    This person has subscribed to KSI Live.
  10. Self Nomination - Twitch Sub

    This person has subscribed to KSI Live.
  11. Morning! This is the thread for questions, ideas, suggestions, etc. for our March KSI Spring Break Town Hall! All questions, ideas, suggestions, etc. should focus on either KSI Spring Break (or other KSI events) or the brand new Divisional Cup that is launching at the same time as Spring Break. The Show will be on Friday, March 23 at 8 pm EST on KSILive! Have fun posting questions, and please use he following template. —- Gamertag: Division: Question:
  12. KSI Marketing is making a comeback! We are looking for 1-2 representatives per division (no more than 1 can be a 7) to spread the word of KSI web ops, department, and clan ops events and drive up awareness and participation! ***You must be an officer or above in your squad/division to apply.*** Interested applicants should be outside-the-box thinkers who enjoy meeting new people and getting involved to make KSI a better place. Activity on the forums in divisional areas, social media, Xbox clubs, parties, and meetings is highly encouraged. The CoHead of the Department is KSI VeRiiTaS 7. If you are interested, please reply to this thread and fill out the following form: Gamertag: Squad/Division: Age: Discord: Kik: Marketing/KSI experience: What are your strengths? What activities/parts of KSI interest you? Are you currently in any other KSI Departments? Do you have any active applications with other KSI Departments? Any comments or questions: What would you do to maximize participation in KSI's forums/departments/clan ops events?
  13. "Poetry"

    I are good with words I is smart with the grammars Poems is easy
  14. KSI AKAME 7- OS lvl 1

    I can vouch for Akame deserving this award. He has been through the ringer and he hasn’t flinched. He ascended to running LS his first time in KSI, and even through turbulence and a few months away from the community, he returned just as hungry as ever. He always puts his members’ welfare above all else. He leads by example. He provides a calming influence when things go wrong. He has gotten himself involved in other aspects of the community, such as Productions, and he’s always looking for ways to help out even when it’s not in his lane. We can’t forget either the long nights he often spends doing KSI due to the time difference between Her Majesty’s island and the former colonies. Akame is dedicated, motivated, and he never forgets what KSI stands for. He earned this OS Level 1 long ago and I’m happy to vouch for it now.
  15. Self Nomination:Twitch Sub

    I can verify Guyy has subscribed to KSILive.
  16. Howdy, y'all. We're looking for short 20-45 second long clips of gameplay to feature on our Facebook and Twitter pages! Clips can have voiceovers, music, or whatever, and hopefully they'll show off great skill, incredible luck, incredibly bad luck, or immeasureably bad skill. Some past examples include: So, if you have a crazy clip you want to share with KSI and the world, follow these instructions. We can't guarantee all submitted clips will be posted on the social media, but the really good ones definitely will be. Have fun with it! There are no prizes involved, just pride, and getting your gameplay (one clip at a time) broadcast through our Social Media! So... Get your clip from or and fill out the following form. --- Gamertag: Game: Link to Clip: Description:
  17. KSI TexAngel 7 Multiple Nomination

    OS Level 1 TexAngel is the definition of a great KSI leader. She has been a wonderful addition to KSI's Director staff, and her effort and dedication in ES prior speaks for itself. If you're ever trying to find a good leader, find someone everyone speaks glowingly of. Find someone who leads by doing and makes time for everyone, regardless of rank. And when you find that person, you will find Tex. The people she has worked with and led would run through walls for her -- not that she would ask them to. ES' ascension over the last 8 months speaks to her level of understanding and determination, and those leaders who have ascended under her have done so with her helping hand and guidance along the way. She has never forgotten that KSI is about having fun and networking with other gamers, and that belief has rubbed off on so many in ES and the community at large. I'm glad to see her branching out and taking part in KSI's Performance Operations. She has a passion for teaching and when you see her involved with re-working workshops, or offering to host or assist one for KSI's members, you know she's her for the right reasons and only wants to see the community improve. It's great that she has the opportunity now to spread the knowledge and attitude beyond just ES' borders, because the entire community would benefit from being more like Tex Angel. Give her the dang award. It's more than overdue.
  18. A team for those in emotional distress

    Good morning. What you're outlining is something we already offer! While the program is in its infancy, we have two trained and willing personnel making up our Human Resources team that do just what you're suggesting. They are @PANTSIR and @KSI Havoc VII. We take these matters very seriously and therefore the team is currently very small. We don't want to ask people who aren't either trained or trusted to be able to handle such issues to do so. If you have interests, experience, or training in these areas, you can contact the members I tagged in this response to see if there may be a place on the team for you.
  19. Division Meeting Notes 2/28/18

    Marketing Results for February/Schedule for March Standings: March Schedule: (Spring Break will be March 23-35, which is why there is no WW 3/24.) The link to the Marketing stats in the Marketing area can be found:
  20. KSI Prize Pool Question

    Howdy. When we run tournaments and do the Twitch Sub Club Lottery (shout out to subscribing to our twitch, at, $10 codes have been the lifeblood of prizes. I'm trying to get ideas from members in the community of some small prizes y'all might be interested in receiving in lieu of $10 codes. The idea is that there may be a prize pool/table type of setup where you could choose another option instead of the $10 code. If the prize isn't online, you will have to be open to allowing our CFO, KSI Ace 7, have your address for shipment. (We would not use your address for any other reasons.) So feel free to spitball some ideas, (with links possibly?), below and we will review ideas for these small prizes. Please try to keep the $$ below $20! Let us know so we can tailor the prize packs for you!

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  22. Self Nomination - Twitch Sub

    This member has the I <3 KSILive group. The group is sufficient evidence for the Sub Club Award. (I can also independently verify he has subscribed to the Twitch.)
  23. Hey! Submit your questions, ideas, suggestions, topics, recommendations, etc. below for KSI leadership to answer at our February Town Hall. It will be Friday, 23 February 2018, at 8 p.m. EST at HeadHunters will follow the Town Hall at 9 p.m. Each person who posts will receive a participation point for the respective divisions for February's stats.